What holiday is tomorrow, March 2 – everything about this day, what church holiday, what can not be done

Tomorrow, March 2, the world celebrates International Competition Day and World Adolescent Mental Health Day. Believers honor the memory of the holy martyr Theodore Tyrone. There are 303 days left for the New Year.

March 2, 2023 – Wednesday. 372nd day of war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday tomorrow March 2nd

March 2 in the church calendar – Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Theodore Tyrone. He was a soldier in the city of Alasia (Pontic region of the Roman Empire), and the surname Tyrone indicates that he was a recruit. When Maximin was emperor, he was accused of setting fire to a pagan temple. Theodore and other Christians were forced to renounce their faith in Christ. However, in court, the young man boldly declared that he would not do this.

Then they brought him to Mayor Publius and threw him into prison to starve. But after some time they were found alive and unharmed. They again offered Theodore to renounce Christ, but he refused. They then handed him over to brutal torture. Then Jesus appeared to him, comforting and strengthening his strength. The young man was then sentenced to be burned. Theodore bravely entered the fire and gave his soul to God. Happened in 306.

What can not be done on this day

  • It is not recommended to organize extravagant parties, it is only allowed to read prayers and eat fasting food.
  • If someone asks for alms, you cannot refuse.

Folk signs and traditions for March 2

Our ancestors had many interesting omens for this day:

  • I saw what day it was today: the fog was creeping in – May would be cold;
  • What is the weather, so is the summer;
  • Crows bathe in puddles until warm;
  • A bright moon shines – wait for a good harvest;
  • Rain – to large quantities of flax and bread.

On March 2, people long ago prayed to St. Theodore Tyrone for protection from evil. People called this day “Fyodor the Tyrant” or simply “Fyodor”.

Weather for March 2

Tomorrow, March 2, it will be cloudy all day without rain in Kyiv. It is cloudy in Lviv, no precipitation is expected. The sky will remain cloudy all day without rain in Kharkiv. In Odesa it is clear, light clouds without rain are expected in the afternoon.

The air temperature in Kiev is +4 during the day and -1 at night. +3 during the day and -2 at night in Lviv. +3 during the day and -2 at night in Kharkiv. +6 during the day and +1 at night in Odessa.

Commemorative dates of March 2

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on March 2:

  • 1444 – Skanderbeg forms the Lees League to fight Turkish invaders;
  • 1767 – King Charles III expels the Jesuits from Spain;
  • 1796 – French general Napoleon Bonaparte is appointed commander of the so-called Army of Italy;
  • 1807 – Thomas Jefferson signs a law prohibiting the importation of slaves into the United States, ports, and territories under their control;
  • 1836 – In Washington-on-the-Brazos, a convention of Texas Americans declares the state’s independence from Mexico;
  • 1918 – UNR adopts first law on Ukrainian citizenship;
  • 1918 – Troops of the Ukrainian People’s Republic liberate Kiev from the Bolsheviks;
  • 1923 – The first issue of “Time” magazine is published in the United States – the 32-page edition is the first American news weekly;
  • 1933 – Marion Cooper’s cult film “King Kong” premiered;
  • 1949 – The first nonstop round-the-world flight by an airplane is completed, lasting 94 hours and carried out in Lucky Lady II (B-50 Superforce);
  • 1956 – France and Morocco agree to cease independence and protectorate of the African nation, which becomes an independent sultan under the leadership of Muhammad V;
  • 1962 – Military coup in Burma: Generals led by U Ne Win seize power;
  • 1965 – US begins routine bombing of North Vietnam;
  • 1972 – Pioneer-10, the first spacecraft to reach the third space velocity and begin exploring Jupiter, is launched from Cape Canaveral;
  • 1983 – The first compact discs and CD players appear;
  • 1993 – Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was established;
  • 2022 – About two hundred Nobel laureates in various fields sign an open letter in support of the Ukrainian people and a free, independent Ukrainian state in the face of Russian aggression.

Name Day: What to name a baby born on March 2

What birthday is tomorrow: Fedir, Philip, Roman, Theodosius, Porphyry, Mariana, Mariana.

The talisman for those born on March 2 is the pearl. Pearl jewelry is considered classic. Natural stones are rare because they take years to form. Interesting fact: In ancient times, the emperor of China collected a monthly tribute from his subjects in the form of pearls. They were equivalent to money for a long time, and then they began to be used as decoration for the well-to-do.

Born on this day:

  • 1876 ​​- Ukrainian historian, publicist, writer Corduba Myron Mykhailovych;
  • 1879 – Archbishop Averki (Polykarp Petrovich Ketrov) of Volyn and Zhytomyr;
  • 1882 – Deslengo Arkhip Yukimovych, Ukrainian writer;
  • 1933 – Oleksiy Kulyanitsky, Ukrainian conductor;
  • 1953 – Volodymyr Zubitsky, Ukrainian composer and accordionist.

What a day tomorrow will be in Ukraine and the world

March 2 is celebrated in Ukraine and all over the world International Competitions Day. Scientists believe that man mastered fire about a million years ago, but it gained special importance during the Neolithic Age. First, fire was made by rubbing two pieces of dry wood together. Later, mankind focused on a common mineral material – flint. Stone to stone can carve a spark. Even one is enough to ignite dry plants.

The prototype of matches was invented by the Chinese in the Middle Ages. However, this matter was not independent then. She was extra in the chair. Thin boards were soaked from different sides with sulfur and then used for smoking tinder. This greatly simplified the ignition process. In China, these bars were poetically called “light-bearing slaves.” They also reached European countries, but did not become popular.

The first self-igniting match was made in 1805 by Jean Chancel, an assistant to the famous French chemist Louis-Jacques Thenard. His head is made of sulphur, potassium chlorate, rubber and sugar. A special bottle containing concentrated sulfuric acid was used with it. The match can be lit after dipping it in it.

In 1826, chemist-pharmacist John Walker introduced matches made by rubbing on sandpaper. The invention had an unpleasant smell and could ignite at any time, even from a light blow. Phosphorus matches were developed by Frenchman Charles Soria in 1830. He added white phosphorus to potassium chlorate. The substance was poisonous and workers in factories suffered greatly from it. Eventually, chemists noticed that white phosphorus became non-toxic when heated (it also turned red). It was first used in the manufacture of matches by Swede Johan Lundström.

That too on 2nd March World Adolescent Mental Health Day. This is a new holiday that appeared in 2020 on the initiative of the American youth clothing brand Hollister. The company developed a program that helped various organizations concerned with the mental balance of youth.

and on March 2 CD Birthday. On this day in 1983 Polygram, Philips and Sony demonstrated the world’s first compact disc player in Great Britain. For example, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was launched from his works. The first CDs were 12 cm in diameter and could only play audio.

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