I don’t want to act, Okamura said. Govt said to rush to pensioner district

He spoke for about two hours. On Tuesday, he did it for less than seven hours, so he lost a significant amount of weight. Rush to protect pensioners The SPD responded to the government’s confirmation that a law on pensions would soon be approved in a legislative emergency.

So you’ve completed the first step, the first hill on the road to an unprecedented state violation, an unprecedented violation of everything that’s valid here, and you’re losing an average of seven thousand to pensioners. year. But remember that we will not give up, we will continue to fight, said Alena Schillerov, a member of the ANO Club.

Prior to that, the coalition discussed the legislative emergency at length, when KDU-SL MP Marek Vborn, on behalf of the coalition, proposed a referendum to be confirmed at a specific time.

“The first step is to establish one’s vision,” he said of the process by which Prime Minister Peter Fiala was elected by a coalition after a government.

Eleven alternatives were voted on the legislative emergency proposed by the opposition. For example, Schiller wanted the legislative emergency to be voted on at 1 p.m. Friday, until then, and delegates debated it.

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The anger of the opposition was mainly that the member of the House of Representatives, Markta Pekarov Adamov, from TOP 09, and other ANO and SPD MPs, were unable to present alternative plans while confirming the legislative emergency. to vote on. Attempts to move counter-motions were declared a mere obstruction by the Lady of the House.

Earlier in the morning, the government coalition, on the proposal of FA MP STAN Joseph Kogan, pushed for a limited period of the MP’s speech without priority for two five-minute sessions.

Here you go to an unprecedented act of violence, he protested against the limited time for Adam’s MP Schillerov to appear.

The Coalition must overcome hurdles before a vote on the Assembly’s agenda, which cannot be changed, and then during the actual debate on the legislation, 150 MPs do not want to speak. The government wants to pass the legislation through the House of Representatives by the end of the week, to be considered by the Senate in five weeks.

For seven hours we listened to delusions and nonsense and applauded the supporting speech of the SPD government

Okamura, the party’s leader, allowed to speak without time limits for the first time, gave a recorded speech on Tuesday that lasted no more than seven hours, and after five hours he said he was halfway through.

For seven hours we listened to delusions and nonsense. He strengthened the delegation here for seven hours, STAN characterized his appearance as Joseph Fleck’s deputy.

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“It’s 20 to 108, but we are fighting with all our strength,” the SPD said on Thursday. He spoke about the fact that legislative emergency can be used only in situations defined by law. The Cabinet argues that if the growth of pensions is not curbed, the threat of known economic indicators. Wage pensions are not economic indicators, which Okamura countered in his book, as he was helped by the publication of Marek Luka’s Pension Reform.

He mistakenly thought that he was mainly concerned about Ukrainians. Ukraine prioritizes Fiala’s government, and you have thrown the deck to the dog, the SPD said.

Ukraine’s former ambassador to Estonia, now Deputy Foreign Minister Jevhen Perebijnis, protested the SPD’s speech on Twitter. He wrote that fierce bouts of Ukrainophobia are usually a sign of chronic cooperation.

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