The Supreme Court criticized Babis for saying that enemies are paid

Former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš lost his appeal, which he filed due to a dispute with his critic and participant in anti-Babiš protests, Jana Filipova.

The final ruling required Té to apologize for reports that demonstrators were paid to take part in demonstrations, and sought to overturn it in an extraordinary settlement at the Supreme Court. But the court rejected him.

Former Prime Minister especially the lower courts in Babiš vs. Filipova was wrong. Instead, he criticized the papacy from the Supreme Court’s decision. “Indeed, a person who unreasonably interferes with the personality of another cannot be allowed to absolve himself of his responsibility by pointing out that he did so as part of a statement of public interest. Even during public debate, it is necessary to observe the general rules for the exercise of freedom of expression, although there is also an interest in protecting debate on matters of public interest. must continue to be weighed,” said Supreme Court Justice Peter Wojtek. Resolution, which is available to Seznam Správy.

In the appeal, Babis’ lawyer Jiri Urbanek, among other things, tried to explain each of his client’s statements heard in the media, against whom it was directed, and repeated that it was not aimed at Jana Filipova. But Babis did not succeed in the Supreme Court. According to the Supreme Court, Babish’s statements lacked sufficient evidence and could not be proved to be true. “The statements discussed are an unauthorized intervention in the personality of those they touch, because they undoubtedly damage their personal and moral integrity, reduce their seriousness and dignity and endanger their position,” said Judge Wojtek. Attorney Jiri Urbanek has yet to comment on the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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The dispute between Andrej Babiš and Jana Filipová has already been resolved by several court cases. At the time of the meeting, however, Babis only had hearsay information about paying the protesters. He himself stated that it was based solely on the statement of ANO deputy Pavel Růžička, who allegedly overheard a group saying that they had been called to receive money after a demonstration. He has not verified it in any way, although he has said so publicly in response to critics. According to the final judgment, Babis must apologize. Finally, he sent two letters of apology to Jana Filipova. In the first letter he sent to Filipova a few weeks ago, Babiš added his opinion, in which he made it clear that he did not agree with the court’s decision and the ordered pardon. Filippo’s lawyers do not recognize such an apology, in their opinion it does not apply to the court’s decision. They filed a death sentence against the former prime minister. and the executor commenced execution proceedings. It ended when Babis apologized again.

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