Waste Sorting: How to Avoid Mistakes?

Of course every family does everything to keep our planet in good and undamaged condition. So, it goes without saying how important it is to segregate garbage. But many of us don't do this basic thing right. What are the biggest mistakes and what to look out for?

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Among them are the Czechs Countries that rely on waste segregation. According to Statistics Waste is sorted by more than 72% of the population. Some have been doing it for a long time, while others are just starting out. For some, a highly demanding activity is completely automatic for others.

But with me Errors are associated with waste sorting, we do it unconsciously. Although we always feel good about sorting our waste properly, However, sometimes a mistake creeps in and we throw trash where it shouldn't be.

What is not in the blue container?

Although it seems very logical to many of us The handkerchief is in a clear blue container, the opposite is true. Paper Although the handkerchief is made of paper, it belongs to mixed waste. And why? Because we use it a lot when we have a cold or feel sick. Therefore z Hygienic Reasons, it should not go into sorted waste.

Technologies are moving forward

Although they are Toilet paper rolls and egg trays made of paperThese are mostly manufactured items Already recycled material. Egg trays and toilet paper rolls were long thrown into the mix. However, thanks to new technologies, even this waste can be recycled So it's in the blue container on paper.

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Note the presence of aluminum in toothpaste packaging

The next common sorting error is caused by toothpaste packaging. Most of them One of us will throw it in the plastic bin, but that's wrong. Although modern toothpaste packaging looks mostly made of plastic, Inside is usually a thin layer of aluminum.

This is The combination of ingredients is really effective To keep the product fresh, but at the same time complicates recycling because of the separation of the two materials demanding and in many cases uneconomical. For this reason, toothpaste tubes are classified as mixed waste.

Should we wash plastic packaging?

We order food, eat yogurt or our favorite salad. Most of these foods are produced in plastic packaging, which we take and throw away after eating. Yes, these are plastic casings in plastic, but they must be clean.

Yogurt wrap We don't have to wash it carefully, just wipe it. It's worse in a bottle of oil. Here you need to rinse thoroughly. Even so But many experts They agree that bottles from greasy products belong in mixed waste.

Light bulbs, batteries, empty can, glass bottle, salary cans, toilet paper rollBAZA Production / Shutterstock

Where to throw the glass and chip wrapper?

Glass It's made of glass, but it's not in a green container. If broken at home GlassDon't even think about throwing it in a glass container, though Run it to the mixed waste. In addition to the glass itself It also contains many metals.

Plastic or composite?

The packaging from the chips looks plastic at first glance, but inside there is a thin layer of silver. If you don't know where to go with him, Look for the sequence symbol, which will tell you. Symbol The three arrows forming a triangle are supplemented by the number 5 and the letters BB (which stands for polypropylene) indicates that it is a material Suitable for recycling In a yellow plastic container.

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If on packaging You cannot find this icon It has the possibility of packaging There is a layer of aluminum or other materials, which are not easily recyclable. In that case The best option is to dispose of the packaging in mixed wasteSo that the sorted collection system is not overloaded with inappropriate items.

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