Russia wants to restart Zaporizhzhya NPP

Currently, five of the six reactors of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant have been shut down.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the IAEA that Russia would “definitely” restart the Zaporizhia NPP, currently occupied by the Russians. He gave this response to IAEA chief Raffaele Croci during a meeting in Sochi last month, which was also attended by the Rosatom chief. But the Russian leader did not specify when this would happen.

about this write down The Wall Street Journal cites its own sources.

Attempts to restart the plant could increase the risk of an accident at Europe's largest nuclear power plant, the article notes. The seizure of another country's operating nuclear power plant is unprecedented in the history of the nuclear industry. Since ZANP is not a Soviet-type station, there is a particular risk that the Russian Federation does not have specialists who can serve it. Currently, it is partially equipped with Western control systems and runs on American Westinghouse nuclear fuel.

The plant is currently operated by just one person, and five of its six reactors are in what is known as a “cold shutdown,” according to unspecified reports from the U.S. Department of Energy. The operation of the sixth reactor is maintained at a minimum level, which is sufficient to maintain the main safety processes at the nuclear power plant.

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