War in Ukraine: How the night was spent in the regions of Ukraine – data for September 30

The Russians again launched a major offensive.

The night before September 30 in most regions of Ukraine Passed by the shelling.

Situation of regions according to regional state administrations.

Vinnytsia: This night as a result of an attack by UAVs on the border of the region An infrastructure object has an impact. According to preliminary reports, there are no casualties. Information on side effects is being clarified.

Chernihiv Region: Per day – 2 shells (104 explosions).
The enemy shelled the Novgorod-Sivarsky district with self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft guns.
There were no reports of local casualties or damage to civilian infrastructure. The data is verified.

Sumishchina: At night and in the morning, the Russians launched 2 shelling attacks on the settlements and border areas of the Sumy region. 19 explosions were reported. The communities of Myropol and Kot were shelled. No consequences.
Yesterday, during the day, the Russians carried out 25 shelling along the border. 116 outbreaks were reported.

Dnipropetrovsk Region: At night, the occupier shelled Nikopol. Attack the city with heavy artillery.
No loss of life or injury. Regarding the destruction, experts are surveying the affected areas.
Nikopol and Marganets community suffered enemy attacks yesterday. The enemy targeted with two kamikaze drones. He fired several times from the heavy artillery.
As a result, a private house was invaded. Firefighters extinguished the fire. Four houses were damaged. A utility company, a power line, a gas pipeline were damaged and dry grass caught fire.

Zaporizhia Region: The enemy opened fire on 21 settlements and 130 hits were recorded.
30 reports of destruction of residential buildings, farm buildings and infrastructure were received. Locals were not injured.

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Kharkiv Oblast: 2 guided air strikes in the village yesterday. 2 private houses were damaged in Gobanga, Isiam district.
As a result of shelling in Vovchansk, Chuguyiv district, three private residential buildings, farm buildings were damaged, and a fire broke out. One car was damaged, 3 cars were damaged.
As a result of artillery fire on the village. A private house, a building, a car and a motorcycle were damaged in Kucherivka, Kupyan district.
Yesterday afternoon, the enemy shelled the outskirts of the village. In Kindrasivka, Kupyan District, 3 hectares of grass was burning.

Luhansk Region: Novoselivske and Nevsky were hit by airstrikes yesterday. Nevsky and Philokorivka were hit by barrel and rocket artillery.
During the day, the enemy fired 157 rounds (541 shells).

Daughter: Last day under the fire of the Russians – 12 settlements. Objects of 12 residential buildings (including 1 apartment building), 2 warehouses and KP “Voda Donbasu” building, a water pipe, a workshop building, a warehouse, 31 civilian cars, 4 official police cars and a shelter were damaged.
During the day in the area: one seriously injured.

Mykolaiv Oblast: During the night in Mykolaiv province, four “Shahad 131/136” type attack UAVs were destroyed by air defense forces and means.
This morning, enemy artillery shelling was recorded in the water area of ​​Osakiw community. No casualties.

Kherson Oblast: In one day, carried out in enemy territory 96 shells (432 shells), of which 2 shells (3 shells) were in the city of Kherson.

The Russians targeted 31 settlement districts in the region; Factory territory and building, catering company in Kherson.
Yesterday morning, Russian troopsShot over Kherson. Utility workers restoring order in the central part of the city came under enemy attack. Both are currently in hospital. A 24-year-old man sustained serious injuries on his limbs. His colleague was diagnosed with an eye injury and concussion. Also, a utility vehicle was damaged and the windows of nearby houses were also broken due to shelling.
The invaders attacked an agricultural enterprise in the village of Inzhenerne. As a result of the shelling, agricultural machinery was destroyed. People were not injured.
A 48-year-old man was injured in the Mygilske area as a result of shelling on the village. The victim was taken to the hospital.
At 5:00 p.m., an enemy SU-34 missile was fired into the city of Kherson, hitting the building of a children’s hotel, which was partially destroyed. A private house was also damaged. There was no loss of life.
During the day the Russian aggression resulted in 3 wounded.

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