The name of the sponsor of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines is not associated with the Zelensky government.

NATO officials wanted to protect Ukraine from openly fighting Germany, the source said.

Western intelligence says it knows the name of a Ukrainian national who allegedly financed the blow-up of Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. They deliberately decided not to reveal it in order to protect Ukraine.

That’s about it on Wednesday reported In essence, the British version of The Times.

A week after the explosions at Nord Streams, staff at one of the Scandinavian delegations in Brussels received information that private individuals from Ukraine were behind the explosions, not citizens of the United States, the Russian Federation or Poland, the source said. Diplomats were told that this information would not be made public.

As the publication writes, the name of the individual sponsor of sabotage – an unnamed Ukrainian – is not connected to the government of President Zelensky.

The publication explains why they decided to withhold the name of the Ukrainian sponsor:

“NATO wanted to save Ukraine from a public confrontation with Germany, which was delaying the delivery of key military aid, including Leopard 2 tanks and IRIS-T air defense systems. This is perfectly reasonable – they should know who is responsible before the administration. The president or the Ministry of Defense in Kiev, appalled by the report, vehemently denied their involvement,” the Times wrote.

According to the source, the “influential person” who allegedly financed the move did not want to strengthen the position of those opposed to arms deliveries to Germany, who are putting pressure on Olaf Scholz’s government.

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The Times writes that the complex operation involved a boat, elite divers, forged passports and a special license for the gas and oil industry, and the purchase of bulk explosives available only for a lot of money.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, denied that a “pro-Ukrainian group” was involved in blowing up gas pipelines. Another Western newspaper – the New York Times – called it strange that a “pro-Ukrainian group” was involved in undermining “Nord Streams”.

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