Video: A driver deliberately drove into people in a pedestrian zone in Hradec, injuring one

Police have charged a thirty-four-year-old man with attempted murder and other acts after he first attacked a man a year younger in the center of Hradec Králové, and shortly after hit him with a car in a pedestrian zone. The injured pedestrian was taken to hospital by the ambulance service. “If convicted, the accused person from Hradec Králové faces up to 18 years in prison,” police spokeswoman Iva Kormošová said. The eldest of the boys was also charged with assault causing bodily harm and disorderly conduct.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The place where the car drove.

“On Monday morning, after a mutual verbal and physical confrontation, the accused man attacked a 33-year-old man with a wooden handle near Masaryk Square in Hradec Kralove, who fled after several blows. The accused man got into a car and ran from behind in the nearby Baca Square. To fall on the ground “She drove several meters with the man before,” said Kormosova.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

A car entered Masaryk Square.

According to him, the driver hit a pedestrian in Bagova Namesti, where cars are prohibited from entering, with exceptions, on purpose. “The injured pedestrian was taken to the hospital for treatment by the emergency services. The police officers subjected the driver to a breath test and a drug orientation test. Both results were negative,” said Kormosova.

The court remanded the accused, who had been tried several times for disorderly conduct in the past.

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