Military aid from the U.S. — what Biden and Republicans are saying — TSN Exclusive

The debate continues in the US.

The US Congress had voted the previous evening on the country's provisional budget, counting down to the beginning of March. So, there will be no shutdown — just a shutdown of the district's funding. Next, lawmakers should consider the issue of additional funding for Ukraine. President Joe Biden said: The only obstacle to it is a small group of Republicans who oppose the referendum.

This is told in a story by Olga Koshelenko, TSN's own correspondent in the US.

What Biden Says

There is no money for partners in the provisional budget – Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. President Joe Biden shared his thoughts as he gathered congressional leaders to explain Ukraine's irreparable damage to US national security based on Ukraine's intelligence data.

In his opinion, there are no contradictions in the agreement to regulate immigration at the American border, which should open the way for financing Ukraine. It should be voted on immediately, the president says, but some Republicans are opposed.

“The majority of members of Congress are helping Ukraine. The question is whether a minority is going to freeze it, and that would be disastrous,” Biden said.

The small group of Republicans Biden is referring to is former President Trump's nuclear supporter in the party.

Democrats and Republicans may disagree

Trump, who is already actively campaigning, wrote openly on the social network the day before: He believes that the border agreement is not necessary if the Republicans do not get everything they want. This means Ukraine will have no money.

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Because there are so many different influence groups within the Republican Party, it is difficult to predict whether they will all be satisfied with the text of the border agreement. For example, a group of legislators, including Republicans, in the upper chamber – the Senate, has been working for more than a week and reports on significant progress. At the same time, the Speaker of the Lower House Mike Johnson says – based on rumors reaching him, this document has no chance in the House of Representatives.

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On Wednesday, January 16, we will remember US President Joe Biden He met with members of both houses of Congress to discuss the importance of fulfilling his demandIn particular, it includes more than $60 billion in support of Ukraine.

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