Very strong storms have formed in the Šumava region – we are watching online

Today, the flow of tropical air will strengthen towards us. Daily highs range from 29°C to 33°C. Warm weather awaits us from mid-July. However, temperature does not threaten records. In the past, these days were 35 degrees Celsius. The sky will be mostly sunny, with a few places where cumulus clouds will form. In the west of Bohemia, rain or thunderstorms may occasionally occur. They are very common in Sumawa region. In the afternoon, hail and sleet of up to 2 cm were reported around the village of Stachy during the storm. The storm will move further outside the Sumava region. Elsewhere in the west and northwest, storms could bring exceptionally heavy rainfall of up to 30mm, hail and strong winds. Rain or thundershower at some places tomorrow evening too. Then appear elsewhere on Wednesday.

The storm is moving from Sumava above České Budějovice and weakening. It will disintegrate in the next hour.


Vlachovo Peresi, near Brachatice reports hail of up to 4 cm.

Conditions for thunderstorm formation prevail today in western Bohemia, where CAPE values ​​exceed 1000 J/kg (model). Thunderstorms cannot form anywhere else. Tomorrow, CAPE values ​​will be higher west of Bohemia (they will be even higher and storms will be more westerly than today). In the rest of the regions, the values ​​will rise only on Wednesday.

Currently, the center of the hailstorm is east of Prachadika. This is a supercell sufficient for the southeast. But it should start weakening in the next hour.

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About 3 centimeters of hail fell in Sumawa area due to the storm. This is how they looked in the village of Setěchovice (Čkynsko).


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