Valek promised to analyze the production of drugs in the Czech Republic. Nobody does

“We did a departmental analysis of the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic, which has not been here since the revolution. We have sent it to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where we want to at least select manufacturers that are in Czech or Slovak hands and agree to support,” Health Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) said on Tuesday. announced on Czech TV.

But he sees the business differently. “The resort went through the resolution of the government, and no such work was found. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Trade did not process any analysis, and according to our information, it should not have been processed either,” the head of the press department, Marek Vošalić, told Bra.

When Prao asked the Ministry of Industry to conduct a study to map the domestic production of active chemicals, final production of medicines and preparation for final packaging, health spokesperson Ondage Jacob clarified.

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It should be a comprehensive overview including technical background or number of employees.

“The Ministry of Health asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to carry out a sectoral analysis of the pharmaceutical market in the Czech Republic and participated significantly in defining its content,” the spokesperson said.

Companies and organizations know that market analysis is planned. But it was. In June, representatives of the Ministry of Health indicated that the Technical Institute of the Czech Republic could contribute to the development of a complex analysis in the form of a grant.

They have no assignment

“This issue falls under the responsibility of two ministries – the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Health – and the Technical Institute of the Czech Republic has not yet registered any work in this area from any of the ministries. As soon as such work arrives, we will do our best to ensure this requirement,” said agency spokeswoman Veronika Dostalová. , said they are aware of the scheme and provide administrative support to the ministries.

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Corporations are not smart either. “We understand that this is a complex and long-term task, and we hope to communicate soon about the next step,” Veronica Ocasio, representing Zentiva, told Bra. Analysis at the beginning of the year. He sees the development and production of pharmaceuticals as a strategic industry that will bring benefits to the domestic economy and greater availability of pharmaceuticals.

Like Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) who visited Zentiva located in Dolní Měcholupy this year with other cabinet members. Some time ago, he expressed his support for strengthening self-sufficiency in the Czech Republic and at the EU level.

In practice, it wears off

“We are ready to help pharmaceutical manufacturers in some areas, such as supporting research and development, which is an important component. The Czech Republic is also involved in transnational initiatives that are looking for ways to become less dependent on non-European manufacturers of effective medical products,” Fiala said at a summit organized by Zdravotnický deník in early April.

A few months ago, the head of the BIS, Michal Koudelka, spoke about the need to strengthen drug independence from Asia, which he considers a security risk in the future. However, in practice, inter-ministerial agreement on analytics has rubbed off on it, among others.

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