Russia throws airborne forces – ISW units into the city –

Thus the aggressors emphasize the importance of the front.

The occupying forces are moving their air forces to the Donetsk region, especially to Bagmut. It is worth noting that they were probably used to deter possible Ukrainian counterattacks in a wider direction.

This is according to an analysis by the American Institute of War Research (ISW)

The report notes that the Russians are increasingly concerned about a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Bagmud region.

One of the Russian military bloggers said on April 14 that units of the 106th Airborne Division were holding the flank of the “Wagnerians” near Yakovlivka (17 km northeast of Pakmut). Most likely, it includes both the Great Russian Protrusion north of Bagmut, from Dubovo-Vasilivka (6 km northwest of Bagmut) to Yakovlivka, and the Russian Protrusion south of Bagmut, south of the T0504 route to Kurtyumivka (14 km southwest). Buckwheat).

Let us recall that Major influencing forces The enemy moved Bagmuth into the center of the town, and the surrounding fields passed for a second day without enemy attacks.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army discovered the positions of the Russian invaders Bhakmudi and attacked them with mines.

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