V Monsie longed for winter. K base pouvaj losk snh

Thanks to the Snowfactory technology, which makes it possible to make snow even at temperatures down to 15 C and is a unique way to store commercial and technical snow and winter recycling in Monaco starts in mid-November. After the winter passed, we decided to store the remaining commercial and technical snow for five winters. Repeated snow recycling is a step towards sustainability and energy saving, explains Arelu Monec editor Jaroslav Krej.

In the Czech Republic, off-winter snow storage on slopes is a pilot project. I am happy that Monnec decided to implement this project and supported Michal Ritter, the author of Snow Support, an operations development and consulting company for Lysk resorts.

At Monnec, there was snow left over from the previous winter, and they kept the dog under special tarpaulins during the summer and fall so that they could now tie him up again. This is to improve the operation of Skiarel Monnec, reducing the energy and financial complexity of operating costs due to their growth. In addition to electricity consumption, so-called snow recycling leads to water pollution in rural areas and thus water consumption.

The date doesn’t matter

Another factor is of course the opening of the ski area, when the snow storage skiarel can guarantee the opening of the slopes on a certain date, regardless of the weather. Ritter describes this as one of the operating cost optimization technologies Snow Support is working on with Norwegian Snow Consulting.

He said that it has been preserved in NovĂ˝ Mst na Morav for many years, but in a different way, it is usually used on the slopes. That is why the ice storage system was chosen at Monnec.

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Another progressive area besides Monek is Mountain Resort Bukov Hora, which is all about technology and I hope it will be added in the future. It depends on where the Department of Environment, PLA or National Park stands with respect to snow storage technology and whether they perceive it as an environmentally friendly technology that will help the skirmish ecology.

This method was developed in the Alps and Scandinavia. It can be found in the Liask regions of Davos, Livigno, Lillehammer and others. This year we implemented a snow storage project for the snow park at Klppen Ski Resort in Vdsko. Many technologies are used in stadiums, where the world of sports is presented in winter, explains Zeroka, author of Snow Support.

In the first days, Winter Lyam is open only for Winter Lyam standard from Tuesday to Saturday. With a daily flight, Sweat is always available from 9am to 4pm, Friday to Sunday. In addition, Lai inmates can use Lias Cola under Nova Zavorka, which is open for bookings every day from 9 am to 4 pm. This train line will be operated from 8th to 20th December.

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