Farian urged Zelensky to punish “Azov” – Ukraine – tsn.ua commanders.

According to Farion, well-known Ukrainian military personnel Zorin and Grodevich “slander the honor of the Ukrainian officer.”

Linguist and former deputy Irina Farian is not calm and continues her “language wars”. she turn back President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny and Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov.

The scandalous philologist, the former commander of the “Azov” regiment, the deputy commander of the 3rd OShBr, the major of the armed forces asks “to take action against rude behavior.” Maxim Zorin and Commander-in-Chief of the “Azov” Brigade, Defender of Mariupol Bohdan Krotevich.

In his opinion, Zorin and Grodevich “slandered the honor of a Ukrainian officer and cast a shadow over the entire Ukrainian army.”

In particular, the slanderous linguist did not like Zorin’s harsh response to the fact that he did not consider military personnel who communicate in Russian to be Ukrainians. He sent Farion “three times.” As for Russian captive Azovstal guard Grodevich “Tavr,” Farian was outraged for calling her “a tool of Russian propaganda and, perhaps, a person with a high degree of dementia.”

“Isn’t deliberately inciting hostilities and ignoring the need to enforce the language law in the armed forces an example of politicizing the military and elevating some military units above Ukrainians – to an unheard of level? Speaking in the military is a doctrine of service,” Farian writes in the address, apparently referring to “Azov.”

“…I would like to record. Farian wrote a “telegraph” to the commander about two combat officers from the 3rd Assault Division who are now fighting with the occupier in the Army Division. On Sorin and Grodevich. During the war, the wars with Russia, the armed forces of Ukraine fighting against the Russians Farian is “at war” with the authorities. In principle, this is the logical conclusion of that “movement” under the slogans of pseudo-nationalism. , – Commented Volunteer Roman Tonic.

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Scandal with Irina Farian

We will remind you that the Ukrainian linguist and former Svoboda deputy Irina Farian accused the army, especially the Azov fighters, of communicating in Russian.

In particular, Farian said that he did not consider “Azovians” to be Ukrainians because they did not communicate in Ukrainian.

But it didn’t end there. Instead of listening to the opinion of the majority of Ukrainians outraged by such statements, Farian stood his ground and began to fuel the scandal further.

In particular, he published a letter from Maxim Hlibov, a student from occupied Sevastopol, in which he wrote that he was waiting for armed forces in his native Crimea. After that, the FSB met with Maxim and made him apologize on camera.

Due to the scandal with the student from Crimea, the ombudsman Lubinets returned to the SBU.

Today, November 14, students of the Lviv Polytechnic, where Farian teaches, went to a rally against him.

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