When will the heating be turned on in Khmelnytskyi 2023 : 16:10:2023


  • The temperature outside is gradually dropping.

  • The hot season has already begun for PSUs.

It is gradually getting colder in Khmelnytskyi. In recent days, the temperature at night has sometimes been close to zero degrees. Centralized heating has already been introduced in communal facilities. In particular, heat was provided to four medical institutions. Khmelnytskyi Deputy Mayor Vasyl Novachok told Saspilny about this last week on October 10.

Today, October 16, a vsim.ua journalist asked Vasyl Novach when he plans to turn on the heating in the residential sector. Here is his answer:

– I can’t say yet. There will be weather for three days (Average daily temperature – approx. Auto.) Less than +8, then we will. When it was hot, today it is already cold, in fact, we will look at the thermometer, wait for the order of the mayor, we will start, – said the official.

Next, we present the estimated average daily temperature (averaged between the maximum and minimum temperatures) according to the AccuWeather service:

In a comment to Saspilny, Vasyl Nowachok admitted that if there is a warming, he “can hold until the end of the month” without warming. He also recalled that the summer season started in November last year. Delays in heating can save money and gas.

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Updated. At 4:23 p.m., Mayor Oleksandr Tsimshyn issued a decree on the beginning of the heating season in Khmelnytskyi on Tuesday, October 17.


In your opinion, should heating be started from today, October 16?

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