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President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping He personally warned the dictator Vladimir Putin from using nuclear weapons against Ukraine during a visit to Moscow in March 2022. This is what the publication said Financial Times Citing Western and Chinese authorities.

According to officials, Xi addressed a private message to Putin during a visit to Moscow, and Beijing officials have taken personal responsibility for persuading the dictator to drop nuclear threats.

China must refrain from using nuclear weapons to restore damaged relations with Europe, a senior Chinese government adviser has said.

A former Chinese government official said Xi personally told Putin not to use nuclear weapons, noting that Beijing’s stance against their use was included in China’s “peace plan.”

Officials say the condemnation of the use of nuclear weapons was included in the joint statement between Putin and Xi almost at China’s request.

Certificate. China declares its “neutral” position in Russia’s war against Ukraine, which Beijing calls the “Ukrainian crisis”. The People’s Republic of China repeated the Russian propaganda cliché that the Russian Federation was “instigated” by NATO and the United States, and did not condemn Moscow’s war to destroy the Ukrainian people. However, at the same time, he declared his commitment to the principle of territorial integrity and the inviolability of established borders. Chinese officials continue to call for talks and say they are for “world peace”.

On June 6, the self-proclaimed leader of the Chechen Republic of Icheria, a territory temporarily occupied by Russia. Kadyrov showed Video With the new equipment of his Rosguardia unit “Akhmat”. Some of the armored personnel carriers shown are similar Chinese tiger Chinese company Shaanxi Baoji manufactures special vehicles, which has been noticed by some media.

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China has not admitted to supplying armored vehicles to Russia and called on journalists to cover the information “objectively, honestly and professionally”.

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