Personnel and military logistics will be strengthened along the northern border


16:29, 04.07.2023

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It has been decided to strengthen the defense of the northern border of Ukraine with personnel and combat equipment, according to the Commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lt. Gen. Serhiy Nav.

“In connection with the recent events around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, it was decided to strengthen the northern border of our state with personnel and military equipment. Work in this direction has not stopped since the enemy was expelled from the north. It continues 24 hours a day. They are building anti-tank barriers, laying mines and strengthening the entire defense line,” – Naev wrote on the Telegram channel on Tuesday.

He also noted that the Ukrainian intelligence service is very effective.

“We have thoroughly studied the enemy and have a clear understanding of the situation regarding his plans. Our soldiers are combat trained and are ready to destroy anyone who intrudes into our territory,” the commander asserted.

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