Uman (Video) – Ukraine – Lviv students apologize for loud party as mourning is announced on

At this event, money was collected for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Students of Ukrainian Catholic University There was a party In the House of Scientists in Lviv. The event was held on Saturday, April 29. When mourning is announced For those killed in the Russian missile attack in Oman. A loud disco during the war angered the public.

Video from the party Published Natalia Kolodi, Deputy of the Lviv District Council. He called the incident “strange” and “unacceptable”.

“Something strange happened at the Ukrainian Catholic University, when students organized a party in the “House of Scientists” during the war, this act was unacceptable and not supported by any moral and ethical norms,” ​​wrote Natalya Kolody.

Vasil Mastikash, Director, House of Scientists Confident A “community” where such a party really happened. It was run by UCU students. According to him, the event raised money for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I was approached by Ivan Shevchyk, the president of the UCU General Organization, about holding a charity evening to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They decided to organize the party in the style of “Hollywood”. Well, youth are youth, without music, you can’t do without it, so they did it. held on Saturday.” , – said Vasil Mustigash.

He said that if students are denied access to the House of Scientists campus, they may be accused of not wanting to help the armed forces.

As the video of the party caused public uproar, the students Apologized. On the side of the student body of UCU “Cavalierka”. explainedAspirants during the event Allegedly collecting money for Ukraine’s armed forces. Also, “They did not take into account that the previous day’s mourning was announced For those who died in Oman”.

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“During the entire period of the full-scale war, as a student organization, through its events, 227,000 hryvnias were collected for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were transferred to the needs of the 80th, 205th and 103rd regiments,” UCU says.

Let us remind you that in Cherkasy, a group of men had a fight in a cafe. On that day, regional mourning was declared for the victims of a rocket attack on a residential high-rise in Oman.

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