nsk lamborghini for the poor is in esk. No mistake, don’t worry about the price

e beautiful product design, it’s the Peugeot 206 in the company’s first car (a side note: this year is my twenty-fifth birthday). Realize this in Japanese characters as well, which can combine a primitive striking look with proportions and shapes pleasing to the European eye. It is not a coincidence or a coincidence that our companies hire experienced creatives from Western countries in large numbers.

Our Dongfeng SUV-buying T5 Evo is a good example of how it can do that over time. So, under it is the signature of a European designer, not particularly well-known, but obviously talented Henning Knopf. The latter emerged from the German tradition of copying the products of established brands. And he created a unique original that catches the eye at first glance. With a mix of elements taken from other cars, you might ask yourself if it reminds you of the likes of the Lamborghini Urus, Jaguar F-Pace, Audi Q8, or if the model could easily fit in because of the cooling mask. Maserati range.

The only weak point of its exterior design is the high and massive sides, where even the provided 19-inch wheels look a little lost. This is mainly due to the total height of 1690 mm. Despite the sporty walls of the shadow, the T5 Evo, for example, is five centimeters larger than the comparably large Kia Sportage.

On the other hand, the unusually low front lights with daytime running lights at the level of the hood and two LED headlights in the front bumper below and below the main beam are successful. So the T5 Evo can’t have a front fog light because there isn’t enough room for it. The rear end is dominated by front-mounted light ends, vertically oriented brake lights on the sides and a spoiler with multi-functional exhaust tips.

nsk specialties

The interior is simply designed, again with ethnic sources of inspiration from German and British premium brands. In the spirit of modern trends, the entire instrument cluster is combined into a separate, independent, wide panel that integrates the digital instrument cluster and the display of the multimedia system. The distance meter and speedometer are two green scales designed in the shape of a bell, and for greater clarity, both data are displayed above them in the form of digital words. Between them, the tire pressure is permanently displayed, and the on-board power button pressed on the steering wheel is discreetly displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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The multimedia system expresses the first human cultural uniqueness. On the one hand, there are excellent graphics, unusually high-quality voice transmission for a Bluetooth phone, and an excellent parking camera. On the other hand, the FM tuner lacks RDS functionality, hence the inability to display station names or Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity. If this is a pain, it is replaced by an application for mirroring the image from the phone, with a bonus in the form of the possibility of wireless data transfer.

The touch screen handles functions that European car manufacturers use classic buttons for: for example, electric folding mirrors or tilting of the headlights. The display also controls the air conditioning functions, including the air ionizer. Air conditioning is secondary by showing the concentration of solid particles in addition to the air quality indicator. In some places, the activity is certainly useful, but in our country it is of unknown interest.

Interest seats functions of Jet vt. The conventional balance is the second in this price category with the oldest and most powerful function with five modes and adjustable intensity. The aforementioned control includes an eight-touch display, but the bag can also be lowered by pressing on the side of the seat next to the adjustable lumbar support and electric sliding/folding of the seat. In this respect my passenger is admitted, the T5 Evo is purely a driver’s seat, thus not only ventilated, but also not a proper seat (although its addition to the equipment is written).

Hek nen v hchch

The central tunnel is dominated by the automatic transmission’s impulse control and clutches (two of which are lockable). Below is an open shelf, a pair of USB connectors and air conditioning vents for the rear seats. I think the T5 Evo needs to fit enough heat inside, so you can see five of them on the outside: fixed and completely hidden in each B-pillar, on the dashboard in front of the passenger and wrapped around both front walls. Seats. In addition, the electric movement of the front seat can be controlled on the rear side as well.

For interesting details, you can add faux leather to the lining of the door window frames and the upper part of the dashboard. Again, this is not a universal innovation, a similar element is found, for example, in Jaguar XE, Ford Mustang, BMW M3 or some Hyundais. On the contrary, you will not find decorative cast iron anywhere else (especially with a carbon structure), which is illuminated by an ornament in front of the passengers. In addition, the color range is constantly backlit.

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Move back

Regardless, there’s plenty of room in the back seats. So there’s a record surplus of knee room, with an extra floor in the center tunnel for added comfort. The rear seats are adjustable and equipped with a central armrest. Perhaps if there is only a small amount of room behind the stove, the front seat can easily be moved electrically from the back row.

Motor offer is very simple: there is only one option. The 1.5 hp plug-in diesel engine produces 130 kW, but 145 kW is available for a short time. Maximum torque is 285 Nm. The design of the drive unit comes from Mitsubishi, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and front-wheel drive engine standard. For example, from competing MG’s offering, you don’t get much to like about it, even with SUVs.

Smooth daily ride

The engine is quiet, but it has a loud sound, and you can hear the soft sound of the exhaust muffler in the back seats. There’s enough noise for me, so the automatic keeps under two thousand revs in normal operation, gives only a slight hand when accelerating hard and makes full use of mid-range pulling power. With the gas on the ground or in sports mode, the engine goes to its maximum speed.

Even though it’s a dual-clutch transmission, starts and shifts are smooth. The automatic always waits for even speed and only then the engine switches to PMM transmission. So the ride is very smooth and without any kick or jerk. Slow response in manual transmission mode is a related drawback, which is why Dongfeng errors in other cars are usually attributed to the transmission on the steering wheel.

Floating operation at low speed has a positive effect on consumption. It holds about 7.5 liters in a combination of different operating systems. Outside the city, you can drive a tall and spacious SUV more than six, the highway means taking eight liters. And driving with gas on the ground in a 55-liter tank is a real engine unit with CO issues2 It is not constantly enlarged as we are used to in Europe, so it responds to the need for full power without significant limitations.

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If the design of the car evokes sports cars for you, then you are in the right place. Driving performance is slightly above average for an SUV, and it lacks any sign of steepness and freedom. The chassis is compact, but the T5 Evo is only manageable. In general, this is a car for a comfortable ride, the response is unusually smooth and the brakes can be used perfectly.

As for the pricing policy, there is currently only one specification at 749,990 K. You can only pay extra for LED headlights and metallic paint. Standard is not only convertible leather seats, but also a glass roof, aluminum leather or an electric opening trunk. Conversely, error can represent a significant advantage for many people, no matter how advanced the assistance systems are. Size and parameters are comparable to Kia Sportage with automatic transmission. It’s a similar situation with the Hyundai Tucson, the Karoq is priced similarly, according to current pricing, but overall it’s about money (especially time) vs.

Why are cars from the 1500s?

Dongfeng, MG, Lynk&Co and DR Motor offer internal combustion engines in Europe in 1.5-litre, petrol or cheaper naturally aspirated models. The reason for this uniformity is simple: human consumption, or registration for a new car. It’s 1% up to one litre, 3% for 1.0 and 1.5 litres, 5% up to two liters and 9, 12, 25 or 40% for you.

This bag is not necessary for cars of this generation, the production program of those brands is dominated by the first two categories, where manufacturers try to use the given word to the fullest.

In high efficiency areas, electric cars are not included in the tax, as the price ceiling is a sub-criteria for determining the tax. Today, the German carmaker does not produce cars for European consumers, so even the composition of the offer here represents its own selection from the portfolio for the middle class.

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