Two injured in head-on collision between luxury Mercedes vehicle and timber truck | Transport | News | Bilson whispers

On Tuesday afternoon, firefighters and rescue workers went to the village of Gokov in the Tachovské region, where another serious accident occurred on the roads of Pleskheho. Then, the passenger car collided with the oncoming lorry. Two people were seriously injured. An Air Rescue Service helicopter also crashed. This was the second major departure of IZS units within two hours.

The accident happened on the road between Kočov and Brod nad Tichou. There, a luxury passenger car collided with a lorry with a hydraulic arm carrying timber. The impact threw the car off the road into a deep ditch, while the lorry went into a ditch on the other side of the road. “We freed the two crew members from the car and handed it over to the rescue team. The lorry driver escaped unhurt. The communication will be closed for at least two more hours. The fire department was informed at 5:00 p.m Peter Poncar.

“The Air Ambulance Service transported a fifty-six-year-old woman with serious injuries from the scene to Pilsen University Hospital’s emergency department. A 63-year-old man with moderate injuries was transported by ground crews to Pilsen University Hospital for emergency admission. She called for emergency services Andrea Divisova. Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

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