Two new IRIS-T air defense systems handed over by Germany are already in Ukraine, – Zelenskyi

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that he and the government are engaged in providing soldiers and that we are actively shaping the content of new defense packages from partners. He promised that there would be news on this topic.

“I would especially like to note our cooperation with Germany. Our agreements with Mr. Chancellor Scholz are being implemented step by step. Two new IRIS-T launchers have been delivered to Ukraine. This is a powerful and much-needed air defense system. Thank you, Germany, for your help against Russian terrorism!” – said Zelensky.

According to him, a separate meeting with Prime Minister Schmihal turned to the topic of arms production.

President of Ukraine spoke about the new weapons received by the army.

“Logistics for Ukraine, for our manufacturers. Export issue. Additional support for our security. Strengthening Ukraine together with our neighbors in the European Union,” the president elaborated.

About the Defense Industry Forum scheduled to be held in Ukraine this fall.

“For the first time such a large-scale event will be held at the state level. Ukrainian and foreign arms manufacturers. Our power. The power of our allies. “The entire world, concerned with international law and humanity, has an adequate defense against any form of terrorism… such cooperation can bring the world together,” the head of state said.

The forum is planned to be the first to record the achievements of the Homeland Security-Industrial Complex.

“To demonstrate what we already know how to do. Consider what we can add to our capabilities by building new production facilities in Ukraine, localization with partners. And, of course, to give a new security impetus to everyone in the world who, like us, respects their state and independence. “Nations have a right to security. Together we are building the arsenal of the free world,” Zelensky said.

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By the way, in Ukraine they are resolutely fighting against TCC corruption. Read about it in “Vechirnyi Kyiv” article: “Zelensky signs decree to decommission all regional military groups.” War officers will be appointed in their place.

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