Officials have released video of the altercation with the driver. They mentioned that it was a familiar face

“This time we will not present any action scenes such as arrests, captures, handcuffs or pointed guns. This will be a ‘conversational’ study and despite the length of the video, we recommend you watch it till the end. With a certain amount of supervision against the professional and calm approach of the police officers.. .(Let everyone do their own thing),” police officials said on Thursday. Facebook.

Authorities released edited video footage of the incident, which lasted about 40 minutes. The driver’s voice changes and his face blurs, and the driver’s personality is evident from the words of the officer who at one point says, ‘If you are what I think…’ Obviously a public figure.

The angry driver condemns the arrogant behavior and lying of the police officer, while the policeman, on the other hand, asks the driver for the documents, while the man is worried and refuses to cooperate. When required to sign the slips four times, he replied: “I will make a cross and a circle, and that is my signature.” At the same time, he is called the “controlling authority” and then complains to the superior. The officer said about his subordinate that he realized his mistake but was very irritated by the arrogant behavior of the constable.

However, he goes back, and when he notices that his release is still being recorded, he ironically adds that nothing happened: “Fathers, prove everything to yourselves. Everything was right. Here a colleague’s face, there a colleague, how he shouted at me. .”

Someone smashed the window of a parked Audi with a tire in Kladno. He then started hunting with the authorities


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