Another day, another storm. In Liberec, a lake of water “robbed” cars of their license plates

Firefighters in the Liberec region were on more than 20 missions Thursday evening due to the storm. Trees also fell on a truck, a car and a cabin, but no one was injured, regional fire department spokesman Jakub Sucharda said. A strange situation occurred at the intersection of Mazarikova and Vytesna streets in Liberec, near the former spa building, where seven cars lost their license plates while driving through a pool of water.

Due to the storm, firefighters intervened on the territory of the entire Liberec region. “We’ve had 16 trips to (fallen) trees and six instances of flooded areas, whether it’s ponds or basements,” Suchartha said just before 7:30 p.m.

According to Information Meteorologists said some places received more than 20 liters of water per square metre, with Liberec receiving nearly 14 liters per square metre.

According to Sucharda, a tree fell on a truck in Mala Scala in Jablonec and another in Liberec under a railway station. “Several trees also fell on a cottage in Lidov Sadi in Liberec,” he added.

A pool about half a meter deep was formed in Liberec at the intersection Slaty Kiss, the lowest point where the steeply descending streets cross Masaryková and Vytesna. “Whoever drove into the lagoon, the water gushed out and the car’s license plate was torn off because it wasn’t properly placed on the frame,” said Liberec’s Deputy Mayor Petr Zidek (ODS). It happened to him too. When the water receded, he found six more besides his own. He took them welcome To the former spa building which now houses the regional gallery.

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The storm did not escape the territory of Kralov Hradec either. “After 5pm, we start going out again to Rychnovsk, Kralovradecki and Nachotsk for technical interventions related to local thunderstorms. This is mainly the task of removing trees and branches from the roads. Photos taken from Hrádek (HK), where the fence of the castle garden was damaged, They communicated Regional firefighters on Twitter.

A strong storm broke trees in the Moravian-Silesian region on Thursday afternoon and early evening. Firefighters were heavily deployed in the Opawa area where there were 23 interventions. So far, they have visited 55 weather-related events in the entire region.

For example, the road between Suchelna and Polatis in Opava area was damaged by four fallen trees, but is now passable. Czech Railways announced on its website PagesTraffic between Valšov and Dětřichov nad Bystřicí stations in Brundalsk has been disrupted due to a tree falling on the track.

Kamila Longarova, spokeswoman for the Moravian-Silesian Fire Department, said the fire department intervened in all districts of the region except Garwinska. Above all they removed fallen trees and pumped water. By 18:00 they had won 13 times in Novosibirsk, ten times in Fridekko-Mistek, seven times in Brundle and twice in Ostrava.

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Storms also hit the Olomouc area. Olomouc firefighters on Twitter They said, at 5:30 p.m. They currently record 20 events. For example, they went out on a torn roof of a family home, pumped water from cellars and garages, or used sandbags to prevent water from fields from flooding homes.

At 2:30 p.m., meteorologists warned of very strong thunderstorms with significant lightning activity and about 30 millimeters of rainfall in half an hour in Novosibirsk.

“In Novojičín there is a very strong storm with intense storms of up to 30 millimeters, wind speeds, small hail and significant lightning activity,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Office (ČHMÚ) said on Twitter at around three in the afternoon. According to their forecast, the storms are moving further west to northwest.

After several days of heavy rain, part of the slope collapsed at Brandýs nad Orlicí in Orlickousteck. This will restrict traffic on the third class road towards Perna and Ústí nad Orlicí, which is very busy. It is compressed into a track and controlled by a pendulum.

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A thunderstorm warning is in effect from noon until midnight Thursday. Storms form mainly in the mountains, then in places and elsewhere. “Their occurrence will be very local, meaning they will not appear in the entire area of ​​the Czech Republic defined in the warning,” meteorologists pointed out.

Current radar image of precipitation over the Czech Republic. Further

Especially in areas where there is already a high concentration of territory after previous areas
Rainfall may cause localized flooding and increase the risk of flash flooding. Small hail up to 2 centimeters and wind gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour can occur during thunderstorms.

Heavy storms have hit various parts of the country for the past few days. Heavy rain and hail accompanied them. Prague’s power went out at around 6am on Wednesday. Firefighters went to broken trees and evacuated flooded areas, including the underground of the State Opera or the check-in hall at the main station. People took to social media to report hail the size of ping pong balls. Water also hampered rail transport.

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