Trump urged Republicans not to vote on foreign aid

Trump said the United States should not give financial aid to any country, “as long as it is in the form of loans and not just transfers.” He believes that the fund can only borrow on the most favorable terms, “for example, without interest and for an unlimited period.”

In addition, according to the Republican leader, such an agreement should be accompanied by additional conditions from the American side.

“Never again should we give money without expecting anything back or without conditions. America should not make a fool of itself again!” The former president wrote.

During his address to voters in South Carolina on Saturday, February 10, Trump reiterated his willingness to “solve” the war in Ukraine himself.

US financial aid to Ukraine

On February 8, the US Senate blocked a bill co-authored by Democrats and Republicans on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, including measures to secure the US's southern border.

The Senate also decided to revise the aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, but without immigration reform and border security.

On the same day, the US Senate began considering a bill on the allocation of funds in support of Ukraine and Israel. It is currently under debate, during which senators propose their amendments. After debate is over and amendments are considered, the document is submitted to the Senate for a final vote.

In the future, this bill should be considered by the US House of Representatives, which previously failed to vote on other financial assistance packages for Ukraine and other countries, especially due to Trump's pressure on members of Congress.

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