Terrible accident in Pilsen. Nine people were injured

All elements of the integrated rescue system went to the crash before 8 p.m. On the second-class road from Pilsen to Karlovy Vary, two passenger cars collided at the junction leading to the village of Gejovis.

According to police spokesman Ondřej Hodan, the 33-year-old driver of the Volvo XC90 drove in the opposite direction from Pilsen to Besvero, where he collided head-on with an Opel Zafira. It was driven by a 34-year-old woman. “We couldn't do a breath test, so we ordered a blood sample at the hospital,” Hodan said, adding that traffic police officials were investigating the exact cause of the accident.

The rescue team tackled the accident in a major accident mode. All nine were taken to hospital.

“They are five adults and four children. The moderately injured include an eight-year-old child and a six-year-old child. Also, a man and a woman,” regional rescue service spokeswoman Maria Svobodova told Novinka, noting that five others suffered minor injuries.

Firefighters from the Košutka and Toužim stations also intervened. “Communications have been shut down at the scene of the accident,” said Peter Boncar of the regional fire department.

On Saturday, there was a serious accident involving four cars in Benešovské, in which seven people were seriously injured. The road there was already passable by 6 pm.

Cars crash near Pilsen. Firefighters had to rescue two injured children

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