Tragedy on the set of “Irshi”: The film's prop woman convicted in the murder of a Ukrainian cameraman.

Gutierrez-Reid's attorneys asked for a reduced sentence, including the possibility of probation, but prosecutors insisted on an 18-month sentence because of her lack of remorse.

Weapons supervisor during the filming of “Rust”. Anna Gutierrez-Reidwhich Ukrainian-born cameraman found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Galina Hutchins In 2021, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. As reported AP.

Gutierrez-Reed was convicted by a judge in New Mexico Mary Marlowe SummerIt supervises the process against the actor Alec Baldwin.

Prosecutors alleged that Gutierrez-Reid brought live ammunition onto the Rusty set, where it was expressly prohibited, and failed to follow basic gun safety rules. After a two-week trial, jurors deliberated their verdict for about three hours.

Hutchins is a family attorney from Los Angeles Gloria Allred Read the mother's statement Olga SolovyLiving in Kiev, she said her life was torn in half and that time did not heal, but only perpetuated her pain and agony.

Gutierrez-Reed's attorneys asked for a reduced sentence, including the possibility of probation, but prosecutors insisted on an 18-month sentence because of her lack of remorse. Defense attorneys emphasized Gutierrez-Reid's relatively young age “and the crime will have a devastating impact on her future life.”

After the verdict, Gutierrez-Reid's attorneys sought a new trial and asked for her release from prison.

It is worth recalling that 26-year-old Gutierrez-Reid was in charge of weapons during the filming of the western “Rust” in October 2021, when actor Alec Balvin fired a revolver loaded with a live cartridge during rehearsals. This resulted in the death of operator Galina Hutchins, and the director Joel Sousa He was injured

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While standing firm in the investigation, Baldwin was given a prop revolver by the director's assistant before filming. Dave Coleswho informed the actor that the weapon contained no live bullets.

On January 20, 2023, it was announced that Alec Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez-Reid would be charged and tried.

Initially, Baldwin was said to have faced 18 months to 5 years in prison, but prosecutors later dropped the charges against the Hollywood actor, giving him a maximum sentence of 18 months.

operator Rose AdigoFashion designer Doran Curtin and a technician on the film “Rust”. Reese's Price He also sued Alec Baldwin and the film's producers. They all stood by Baldwin when he opened fire, the lawsuit said. The plaintiffs claimed they suffered “blast injuries” and sought damages.

Baldwin pleaded not guilty to Hutchins' death on set. Later it became known that he asked the court to dismiss the case filed against him by Ukrainian relatives of the deceased – his parents and sister. He said Hutchins' Ukrainian relatives were not physically or emotionally close to him.

In late March 2023, Dave Halls, first assistant director of the western film Rust, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation, a $500 fine, 24 hours of community service and a gun safety course.

In June, US prosecutors charged weapons expert Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, who worked on the set of the movie Rust, with tampering with evidence in connection with the tragic shooting.

In January 2024, a grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin for the involuntary manslaughter of cameraman Galina Hutchins.

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