Even the heavy rain didn't dampen the good spirits of Peter Fiala's delegation at the White House

(From our special correspondent)

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Fiala, accompanied by National Security Adviser Tomáš Pojar, visited the headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), where he discussed the world's security situation with its director, William Burns.

As a gift, Fiala brought to the White House a photo of former President Vaclav Havel with Madeleine Albright and a glass drop from a student's workshop at the University of Applied Sciences (UMPRUM).

Ambassador Miloslav Stasek, Counselor Tomas Bojar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Jiri Kozak, Petra Vojtikova, Jakub Kajlar, and Vaclav Smolka will participate in the White House meeting on behalf of the Czech side.

Straight from the White House to a hockey game

Before entering the White House, journalists had to hand over electronics, which was sniffed by a German shepherd.

Photo: Martin Dohnel, Nowinki

Inspection of electronic devices before entering the White House

“It has started raining and Prime Minister Fiala is coming to the West. They rushed us inside, because in addition to the rain, lightning began to fly,” reporter Novinek recounted.

On Monday evening, after a meeting with the US President, the Prime Minister will attend a hockey match between the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins, for which Czech star David Bastrak is playing.

Studio Novinek: Prime Minister Peter Fiala at the White House


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