Ministers promised better treatment for the elderly and sick. The new type of service will be available from January

“Every one of us who will be vulnerable in the future has the potential to implement the highest standards,” Jureka said after settling the comments.

After years of pleading, the draft law is ready and should go to the government in May.

Currently, general nurses can provide nursing services only to a limited extent in community facilities. “For many clients who are chronically ill for a long time, have significant health and social problems and are highly dependent on care, this objective is not enough,” explained Venus Scamboa, Director of the Department of Health Care at the Ministry of Health..

Maintenance payments will rise by some 40 percent


Therefore, a new type of integrated social-health service will be created, which can contract housing and medical facilities. In fact, the list of health care that can be offered to customers will expand without going anywhere.

“It's not just the services provided by a general nurse, but also the services that a doctor prescribes. This team can also include another non-medical health worker such as a physiotherapist, nutritionist, clinical psychologist, and others,” Scaboa said.

Homes will start contracting with health insurers for the new service from January, when the changes in laws come into effect. Jureka expects all to be approved by the end of September.

People receiving social and health care must pay for accommodation and food out of their own money. Health and social care is paid for by the government in cooperation with health insurance companies. Some obligations apply to service providers only after and not from January 2025.

Battle: Aging is fast

Both resorts promise quality care to the elderly and sick. “The population is aging in the Czech Republic. We know that the twenty-year predictions of the World Health Organization are wrong and that Europe's population will age very fast. So we have to prepare the conditions. We want to increase the average age in health,” Minister Valek said.

The head of the health department has promised that more money will go to this area as it has gone to the welfare department.

But the area doesn't just affect the elderly. Five comprehensive care centers for seriously ill children are operating in a pilot operation in the Czech Republic.

The draft law also deals with residence in LDN. After three months, the insurance company's review doctor will review the patient's condition to see if he can continue to stay at the facility, and this care will continue to be paid for by insurance.

We will cut back on care or leave, social service providers threaten


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