Thousands of vacationers hit the beach (VIDEO)

City officials opened six beaches on August 12, and crowds flocked to them the next day. There were also accidents – a man drowned on Langeron beach.

Odessa’s beaches opened for the first time since the start of full-scale war with Russia on August 12, and the next day there were no seats on the sand. Local Telegram channels on August 13 showed Video from many vacation spots that are fully occupied.

According to one of the authors of the video, only one open beach called “Saika” gathered thousands of people.

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Six beaches are officially open in the city:

  • Caledon Beach
  • Covered Beach
  • Municipal Beach (District 14 Fontanu)
  • Igra beach
  • “Seagull” beach
  • Municipal Beach (District 10 Fontanu)

The list will be supplemented as other entertainment venues become available. Beaches are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. reported Oleg Kiper, head of the Odesa regional military administration.

Swimming is not permitted during wind warnings, detection of suspicious objects and two point storms. Except for rescue services, access to the waters of the Black Sea by watercraft is prohibited.

Local publication “Tamskaya” Notes, lifeguards are on duty at the open beaches to prevent people from swimming in the buffer zone and approaching anti-mine nets. Open beaches differ from ordinary ones precisely in the presence of lifeguards, but the number of vacationers is almost the same everywhere.

On August 12, the first day the beaches opened, almost drowned A woman on the beach at the 10th station of the Great Fountain. She was hospitalized in critical condition. This morning, August 13, a vacationer came drowned In the sea on Langeron beach.

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We will remind that the security forces of southern Ukraine do not consider it appropriate to open the beaches in Odessa and the region during the velvet season. The military did not rule out the possibility of Russian armed forces landing at the falls.

attention He previously wrote that authorities opened safe areas of beaches in Odessa for the rescue of military personnel and civilians.

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