In the name of Republic. How Judge Fremr Punished Those Who Weaved on Free Land

Their name is Pospilov. In the eighties they bought a dog and went on a trip to Malta. Once out of prison in communist Slovakia, they vowed never to look back. It was good. Deputies confiscated the passports of Pospil’s mother and son, as did other passengers, because they had been drinking in Malta. Frustrated, the couple turn to the police and Villa, who will stay in the country. Only the police did the opposite, escorting them to the conference and sending them back to Slovakia. That’s why they wanted to escape again, even on the way home when the plane crashed in Tunisia. Choose not to sleep

When they blew the whistle in Prague, I knew StB that someone from the plane reported. In court, Judge Robert Fremer, the current candidate for permanent judgeship, gave the mother six months probation and the son ten months. Some of them succeeded in getting their sentences commuted by the courts.

They were punished for long-term attempts to derail trains, vandalize them, break payphones or flood the tourism industry’s clubhouse. Convicted a fool, the judge observed that the StB was manipulating the evidence against them.

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