They took our symbols, Glass. Politics is insanely green, and I agree with Zeman

We dry underground, in basement apartments, in basements. And we both discuss together, said Zeman na vot. We installed Prime Minister (Robert) Fitz together, and I’m glad that such a subversive move could happen to us, he joked about the elections in Slovakia.

November 17 was e pedevm for the festivities. It’s sad, but I’m not celebrating by any means. Klaus said the November icons were stolen from us. He explained that the current representative in the political arena has not destroyed what the people fought for 34 years ago.

Instead of nostalgic memories, let’s talk about the censorship clues that exist here, Zeiman said. According to Glass, in 1989 people sought free elections and travel. We are in a twisted parliamentary democracy. Milo Zeman and I only wanted a political system with traditional parties. Now blur the lines between them. The current movement should only be close to power, he said looking at the current political scene.

total ideology

Darker is the climate crisis, about which both former presidents are deeply skeptical. “In essence, what happened to us is that we replaced one stupid ideology with another,” Zeiman replied. The green of ideology is totalitarian in its reluctance.

Even Vclav Klaus doesn’t care about the climate crisis. The week ending on Friday was understood to be a hundred high bikes, none. I’m going to Peca pod Snkou tomorrow, but I’m not going to take warm clothes. It’s a bit hot in Prague, but that’s an enthusiast’s warning, he commented.

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According to Glass, the term perfection is inflated. I’ll be a little more gentle, Zeman murmured again. Not complete today, but nbh for that. He warned that totalitarian ideologies such as Islam or Nazism could appear on the home screen.

Are party conventions a form of freedom?

November 17 did not fall from the sky. It grew and fell towards him. That moment was unforgettable. The key to sticking is the definition of political parties, not a content-free movement. Mr. named Glass. We established the market and the company with the president.

According to Zeman, the return to the prickly economy is an afterthought. However, ideologically defined political parties today disagree on the art of freedom.

Both Claus and Zeiman agreed in the debate that the National Day celebrations would continue in the following years. According to Klaus, the bag disappears from them as well. I would not make it compulsory for young men or women to read them on holidays. “It’s a celebration of freedom,” said Zeeman.

To a question, both the former presidents shared that in their opinion, people did not protest in the evening against the crooked system and no one wanted to hold a candlelight vigil.

They both experienced a regime change in 1989, and the revolution launched their political careers. Vclav Klaus was born in the right-wing Obansk Democracy (ODS) and Milo Zeman in the Social Democracy (then SSD, now SOCDEM).

In 2003, Klaus succeeded the first Czech president, Víclav Havel, as president of the Czech Republic. Both won two elections. They are not active in politics.

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