There was so much noise and clamor in the House of Commons that it was almost expelled. “Covid died after vaccination! Answer the truth.

Under the auspices of MP Vladimir Slinsky, Member of the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Electronic Health Care and European Health Legislation, a seminar titled “Vaccine against Covid-19 – Current Perspective” was held at the Chamber of Deputies premises. Voices from abroad also rang out against his action. Zdeněk Hel, a Czech biochemist and researcher in the field of immunization living in the United States, called for measures to block the convention on the basis of parliament in an open letter to the president of the PS, Markéta Pekarová Adamová. While anti-vaxxers have long spread misinformation and lies, such as that the vaccine against Covid-19 causes infertility, “the purposeful misuse of a public institution to promote the interests of groups whose activities may harm society” significantly reduces the number of children born.

In his reply, the Speaker said that the decision to hold the conference was not within his competence, but he did not agree with the views of the speakers. In response to Helen’s open letter, epidemiologist Roman Primula, who briefly served as health minister during the Covid era, withdrew his participation. He justified it by selecting lecturers. It was certainly a shame that he didn’t come to confront his views with the opinions and experiences of other experts. The expert seminar was aimed at the analysis of anti-Covid measures in the Czech Republic, focusing on the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, including the presentation of specific clinical cases from clinical practice. The theme of the seminar was an expert assessment of practical procedures during the Covid crisis and recommendations on how to proceed in a similar crisis in the future.

In the UK, deaths among young people increased after the fourth dose


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Today, the Ministry of Health does not spread misinformation on the Internet, but remains silent on pressing issues. Therefore, the first speaker, an expert in the field of internal medicine and oncology, Vladimir Cisek, suggested that the Ministry of Health and the Vaccine Association should answer many questions. “I express my suspicion that the side effects after these vaccines are much more frequent and serious than the pharmaceutical companies are trying to tell us,” said Vladimir Čížek. So he asked MPs, senators, discerning journalists and others to help break the wall of silence. According to him, the fundamental medical principle of primam non nocer has been completely forgotten in recent years.

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He then presented questions to be answered by both the Ministry of Health and the Vaccination Society. How do you explain the fact that the death rate (mostly between 18 and 39 year olds) increased sixfold after the fourth dose in England? Have you read reports of sudden cardiac deaths in previously healthy individuals days to weeks after vaccination? Did you know that 162 per million children between the ages of 12 and 17 have a heart attack and their risk of having a heart attack is greater than the risk of being hospitalized due to Covid? How do you explain the sudden and continuing decline in birth rates in many countries, including the Czech Republic?

Taking vaccines at the same time increases the risk of stroke

Have you read the Danish article about vaccine contamination and the incredibly high incidence of adverse reactions in those vaccinated with these contaminated batches? Did you know that the Cleveland study showed that the more healthcare workers were dosed, the more often they contracted Covid? Did you know that according to the SPC of the Comirnaty vaccine, there is no information about its simultaneous administration with another vaccine, although each of them is administered in different hands? Did you know that co-administration (bivalent + influenza) increased according to a study by Yun Lu et al. Risk of stroke in the elderly? There are indications that Pfizer knew and concealed information about vaccines being contaminated with plasmid DNA and the SV40 viral promoter (ie, the vaccine sold was different from the approved vaccine). What position do you take on this information?

Roman Primula was daunted by the prospect of opposing views, among those attending was molecular immunologist, microbiologist, biochemist and university academic Vaclav Horeje, who has been one of the most popular media faces of the two-year Covid era. He began his contribution by referring to the SPD’s leader’s opening speech at the seminar. “The government handled it badly,” Mr Okamura said in his opening speech. That’s true, I agree, but for completely different reasons than what he said. We have to realize that our country has been at the top for a long time in terms of how many people have died. How poorly the epidemiological measures were implemented, how few people were vaccinated,” said molecular immunologist Vaclav Horejszy.

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No one denies that there are serious consequences after vaccination

He reminded us that we finished ninth in the world and that was still scary. “In my opinion, more than forty thousand people died in our country, while in countries where they managed it better, the number of victims per population was at least three to four times less. We have heard emotional outbursts here from people who believe, or perhaps rightly so, that they have been seriously affected by that vaccine. It is very It’s sad, such cases certainly happened. But I want to emphasize that no one denies that serious consequences can occur after vaccination. No one has denied it. The important thing is that according to all scientific findings, there are far less serious complications, illnesses and even deaths than the damage caused by vaccination.” said the biochemist.

His words created a stir in the hall. Václav Horegy was showered with sharp words from those present. “May I continue, or do you not want me to continue talking?” He answered, but there was no silence in the hall. “Can I speak or are you going to interrupt me? Then I’ll stop, it’s no use,” he muttered resignedly. The executive meeting was briefly ordered. Forced. Because of this, you will remember, there was a threat of overcrowding in our hospitals, collapse of our healthcare system, and that is why this was done,” the immunologist said, adding to the uproar in the hall. . The management meeting warned that those who continue to disrupt the seminar will have to leave the venue.

Reasonable people who still trust experts in the majority

“From those previous appearances, especially after the appearance of the victims – I am very sorry that it turned out that way, unfortunately such events happen – if there is no vaccination, it would be better if we relied on the so-called relief. If it were so, the dead in our country would not be forty thousand, but at least a hundred thousand. That is very clear. This has been clearly demonstrated in the world literature, which I follow closely. For example, all the clinical studies that led to the approval of those vaccines have been approved by competent bodies where world experts sit. Let me note that there is no immunology, vaccine and other related medical association in the world that can question the importance of vaccination. Like,” pointed out Václav Hořejší.

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  • SPD
  • Leader of the Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).
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He assured that all professional societies and at least 90 percent of the real experts in these fields are positive about the vaccine and that the positive benefits of the vaccine outweigh the negative effects of the vaccine ten times. “I am glad that most of our professional people are of the same opinion as I am. That is a fact. It is worse for lay people. Perhaps there it is only two to one. Reasonable people who trust experts are still in the majority, but unfortunately, in my opinion, still a small majority. In conclusion, a similar “I would like to add that I would like it more if the seminar were organized in a different direction. That is, not only those who I refer to as anti-vaxxers are represented in it, but the professional majority to which I belong continues to be represented,” concluded Vaclav Horeje, whose speech provoked huge negative emotions. Most of those present.

A detailed report of the event will be provided by Parlamentní on Tuesday.


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