Scandal with Farian gathers pace – new details

Irina Farian is going to go to court because of her dismissal from Lviv Polytechnic, and Putin is happy about it, and after catching it, he made several statements about his students and the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. personally.

Former Vice President Irina Farion has released a new statement in which she says her dismissal from the Lviv Polytechnic National University gave Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin little pleasure. journalist spoke with linguist Irina Farian about the development of corruption Victoria Hanatyuk.

“Even Putin is rubbing his hands, Farian is sure, that his impeachment gave little pleasure to the Kremlin dictator, and these are all “tricks” of the FSB.

Why was the criminal case opened?

“Farian was not taken because she wanted to completely Ukrainize society, she is 100% right about this, it should be like that, everyone should speak Ukrainian! But they took her because she disrespected the Ukrainian army and wanted to sneeze on people. Security in the temporarily occupied territories. A Ukrainian student in Crimea We remind you that we are talking about the one who wrote a letter of support to Irina Farion,” Victoria Hanadiuk recalls.

Farian quickly published it on his social networks, but, of course, did not hide the personal data of the boy, which is why the Russian security forces knocked out Maksim Klebov a day later.

What does Farian say about his students and the guy from Crimea?

After that, if you remember, Farian accused the same student of being careless. And society was unstoppable. Students of the Lviv Polytechnic went to a mass meeting demanding Farian’s immediate dismissal from the university.

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Release of Farion

Finally it happened. “Lviv Polytechnic” published a statement about Farion’s dismissal on social networks. Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science Okson Lisovy also supported the student strike. But then something strange started happening. A report of Farion’s dismissal disappeared from the Lviv Polytechnic website, then reappeared. The head of the ministry also deleted the photo of the order. But it can be assumed that this happened because there was a mistake in the application for concluding the employment contract.

Of course, Farion was not silent and decided to analyze his scandalous interview with Sokolova, declaring how happy Putin is now for his release.

Could all this have been avoided?!

Maybe if Iryna Farion had not disrespected the military, talked about laws and forced everyone to speak Ukrainian, there would have been no violence? All. There won’t be an expression: “I can’t call them Ukrainians, let them call themselves Russians”, then there won’t be a scandal, maybe? What if he apologized for his mistake in classifying the personal data of a Ukrainian student in Crimea? Can criminal proceedings not be opened in the SBU? By the way, immediately after four articles.

Who has ex-Nardepka picked up now?

Farian does not agree to this, because she is sure that everything is arranged, so she continues to tell all the participants of the conflict that the crab spends the winter on her YouTube. He kindly went around the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine and threatened to fire everyone who signed the order on his resignation.

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Rally in support of Farion

Farian called the student rally the new face of Bolshevism and undermining the country from within! But on November 20, instead, pickets appeared in support of the professor. It was reported by the local mass media and dozens of people gathered near the walls of the university, among them teachers of the department of Ukrainian language and literature, where Farian worked.

We will remind, said linguist Irina Farian It plans to appeal to the court He was expelled from the university. SBU opened it on November 15 Criminal proceedings About exnardepka.

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