Decorated trees, gifts, cleaning. A homeless man even enjoys Christmas in a shed

Homeless Frantisek (43), who lives in a leaky tin shed in Skvrňany, loves Christmas. He enjoys them perfectly. He has been preparing for them since November.

Frantisek, a homeless man from Pilsen, is enjoying Christmas as he decorates three trees, prepares presents and looks forward to Christmas dinner.

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As much as possible, his “house” is cleaned, he has already bought presents and, of course, there is a decorated Christmas tree. Franticek doesn't have just one, but this year his residence is decorated with three different sizes.

“I'm a native of Rockigan, I've been in Pilsen for fourteen years. I've lived here all the time, I love it here. Even though I live in a shed, I live like a man. I don't miss normal life,” Frantisek says clearly, pointing to his tin shed and past. He had various items that he had collected over the years. According to him, he insulated the shed for the winter so he wasn't afraid of the cold. After all, he was used to it. Even though it's a few degrees above zero, František sits by his fire barefoot, wearing only sandals. Within sight of his shed, the only people who disturb him are the homeless people living in tents in the bushes. “As soon as I say, they go rummaging through the dumpsters. They mess around, take drugs, and the city police come here for them. I don't have a problem with her,” says Frantisek, adding that the aforementioned homeless sometimes climb into his apartment, harass and steal food. .

Source: Deník/Milan Kilian

But you can brag about how you prepared for the most beautiful holiday of the year. “I decorated three trees this year and we started in November. The first one I got and what This is my third year decorating this year One row, then two more. I bought one with decorations for a thousand crowns, and another very small one, I bought from a Vietnamese for three hundred. What am I hanging on to? Look there,” he pointed out proudly. This year, he does not have the police beacon on the tree, which he decorated two years ago, when he had Christmas in the barn for the first time, but one of the “decorations” is a flag commemorating the Czechoslovak cross. 1978 Country Championship at Sumawa. But most of the decorations are classic, Christmas.

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František lives on a disability pension and, according to his words, still works part-time, so he also buys gifts for the people he loves. They are said to have spent several thousand crowns on him. “I've already bought in November. It's expensive in December and the stores raise the prices, so I always buy ahead of time,” he explains of his strategy. But he cannot show me the gifts, he hides them in a safe place.

Other inmates will be behind bars, but he will enjoy Christmas with his family

Looking forward to it Christmas dinner, but it won't be a carp. “I don't need it, so I'll eat a fish fillet as usual, or a classic steak and potato salad,” says Franticek.

“There are currently 400 to 500 homeless people in Pilsen, and this is the only person who spends the Christmas holidays like this, decorating the tree,” Jana Busmanova of the Pilsen Municipal Police confirmed to Denik. František likes policemen, he spread his eyes over the offices before Christmas. He also gave a flower to the commander of Skvrani, who celebrates the holiday at Christmas. Even a receipt, so she could see that he wasn't like other homeless people and that he bought it honestly and didn't buy it for a five-finger somewhere.

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