Finland and Canada will provide hundreds of millions to purchase ammunition for Ukraine at the initiative of the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of the year, Prague found 800,000 artillery shells in third countries outside the European Union, which it wanted to buy for Ukraine. Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský told Czech reporters in Brussels on Monday that he had so far received funding from partners to buy the first 300,000 units and that another 500,000 units were under negotiation. About twenty countries have joined the buyout so far, from Canada to Germany or the Netherlands and from Luxembourg to Poland.

“We specifically discussed the Czech munitions initiative. Finland is contributing 30 million euros to this initiative,” Finnish Defense Minister Hakanen told X after the meeting with Řehka.

Now Canada Reuters It bought about 40,000 155-millimeter artillery shells for Ukraine through its own stocks and the US government.

An EU summit can help

On Tuesday, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmihal expressed confidence that thanks to the Czech effort, Ukrainian troops will have enough ammunition to defend their defense lines from April against an enemy with superior firepower.

According to a preliminary version of the results, the two-day summit, which starts in Brussels on Thursday, is seen as implicitly praising the Czech initiative.

The Czech effort came at the right time. Ukraine doesn't need to stockpile ammunition, The Telegraph lauds


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