Video: Smchovskou lvku pevezli to Mlad Boleslava, hellish eku Jizera

“I saw the report on TV and I regret that such a technical monument should be replaced,” said Mayor of Mlad Boleslav Raduan Nwelati.

The city is building a new bridge over the Jisera River near the Buala Distillery, where floodwaters destroyed the bridge years ago and only the timbers remain.

For this reason, the Smochovsk Lion was very useful to us, and we contacted the owner of the bridge, the head of the Prague Technical Department and the mayor, Bohuslav Svoboda. “I’m going to take the bus and spend a long time in Mlad Boleslaw,” Envelati said.

I have to thank you, because it is not a good thing to admit and implement excessive traffic at such a fast time. A few weeks after the capture, we have a lioness, Nwelati pointed out.

Leo may have to go out financially. According to Nwelati Mlad Boleslav, the payment to the mayor of Prague as the owner of the lion was equal to the purchase price of the iron, approximately 550,000 crowns.

The total length of the construction we built is 110.7 meters and the weight is 110 tons, each meter is less than one ton, said Bohuslav Devt, head of the Mlad Boleslav City Development Department.

At night we carried out transportation taking into account the dimensions of the deposit. The construction is divided into four sections, the longest part of which is 35.7 meters, shared by the representative of the transport company Petr Klime.

During transit, it is necessary to close the Smoch tunnel for a while, the freight car must drive the wall in the opposite direction, then reverse and exit towards Mlada Boleslav.

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The lion arrived in Mlad Boleslav early this morning, in the morning he was discharged in the Bezdn industrial zone, and in five months he will receive a new entrance through the right-of-way. Although the bridge was built in 1929, it is in very good condition. The quality of the steel is good and it is not used, which is why the construction was problematic, Envaletti said.

Creditors remove bridge connecting Smchov and Radlice (10/10/2023)

Mlad Boleslav wants to establish a lion near the bval distillery pes eku Jizera in the spring. At present only footpaths lead to this village.

We want to start with the construction of a new bike path, but it will take a long time because there will be a ground floor. It is a floodgate and, moreover, a railway safety letter, Dev said.

According to Nwelati, the city will name the new building Smchovsk lvka. In addition, we would like to ask the National Museum of Technology to put up a sign with the information that the rest of the displayed lions are in Milat Boleslaw, Nwelati added.

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