In Prague, a former dormitory and an apartment on the 13th floor burned overnight, evacuating dozens.

The first fire on Černokostelecká Street was broken out shortly before midnight by police officers on patrol together with an inspector from the Prague Rescue Service. Fire and thick smoke billowed from the former hostel building, which houses a large number of homeless people.

The fire broke out on the second floor from the ground. Five units of professional and volunteer firefighters rushed to the scene. The intervention took place using breathing techniques and, among others, the use of two car ladders. Firefighters and police officers assisted at the scene. During the intervention, Prague firefighters received information about another fire. At this time, the flames were supposed to come from the window on the 13th floor of the residential building at the intersection of Mečíková and Jetelová streets.

Firefighters dispatched nearby available units, including railway firefighters, to the scene. Rescuers sent several of their crews and a large-capacity Fénix special vehicle to the scene.

By the time firefighters arrived, flames were shooting from windows on the 13th floor and thick smoke billowed above the house. Firefighters, along with police, evacuated the occupants of the home. The fire was immediately brought under control. Firefighters found an injured person in a fully engulfed apartment. They handed him over to paramedics, who successfully revived him.

During the night, an observation tower in Tsinsk caught fire


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