The suspect in the attacks in Kunrattike Les and Hostavis has confessed to the murder

Shortly after his arrest, police told the man they suspected of attacking at least two people in Kunratiki and a fourth attack with a cork on a woman lying in the street in Hostavis. At the same time, police were investigating whether it had anything to do with the fourth death of a man near Kijska Pond. According to them, the place I found was a windy area about 1.3 kilometers from where the ax flows.

During the investigation, the 20-year-old man confessed to being attacked in the Kunratik forest and murdered by a woman near the Kark and Kijska ponds, police spokeswoman Eva Grobov said on Saturday.

He added that based on the preliminary examination by the psychiatrist, he could not do anything else at this time. The perpetrator has not yet been convicted of a violent crime and no arrests have been made against him. He will be placed in a children's institution with supervision, Grobov explained to

He died in his seventies in hospital after his fifth run in the jungle, suffering from head injuries and lacerations. According to police, the victim was taken into custody at MST. Two days later, rescuers took a 20-year-old woman to hospital after being hit by a tank in Hostavici. He suffered head injuries, but his injuries were not life-threatening, rescuers said.

According to sources from nearby agencies MF DNES, he already has several criminal records in the past, including property offences. He has never been convicted of a violent crime. Police officer John Dank confirmed that yes, he is not someone we don't know.

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