The Russians shelled 11 communities in the Sumy region 28 times


22:12, 01.03.2024

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As of Friday afternoon, the Russian military shelled 11 communities in the Sumy region 28 times, with a total of 157 explosions recorded in the region. informs OVA's evening summary on the situation in the region.

“During the day, the Russians carried out 28 shelling attacks on border areas and settlements in the Sumy region. 157 explosions were recorded. Yunakivsk, Kotinsk, Myrobilsk, Filopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Velikopisarivsk, Novoslobitsk, Shalyginsk, Esmansk, Esmansk, S. Budsk, Znob-Novgorodsk came under fire. ,” – says the message.

According to the OVA, in the Bilopol community, launching of NAR missiles from helicopters (10 explosions), artillery fire (4 explosions), mortar fire (3 explosions) and dropping of VOG munitions from a UAV (5 explosions) were recorded.

In Yunagiv community, mortar fire (7 explosions), self-propelled artillery fire (5 explosions) and dropping of VOG munitions from a UAV (2 explosions) were recorded.

VOG ammunition dropped from UAV (2 explosions) in Velikopysarovsk community.

The Russians threw 2 mines on the territory of the Esmansk community, shelling (11 explosions) from barrel cannons was also recorded. The enemy fired mortars (3 bursts) and artillery (26 bursts) into the Miropil community. Mortar fire (15 explosions) and artillery fire (13 explosions) were carried out on the Krasnopil community. Artillery (2 explosions) and mortar shelling (5 explosions) were recorded in Shalyginsk community.

The territory of the Znob-Novgorod community was shelled by barrel cannons (4 explosions).

OVA also reports that the communities of Seredino-Budsk (15 explosions), Khotynsk (13 explosions) and Novoslobidsk (10 explosions) were hit by mortar fire.

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