Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the appeal of “representatives” of Transnistria: Russia cannot be a peaceful country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the results of the “Congress of Representatives of All Levels” of unrecognized Transnistria on February 28, as a result of which they turned to Russia with a request for “protection” from Moldova.

This is stated in a commentary published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as “European Reality” writes.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry called for a peaceful settlement of the issues between Chisinau and Draspol “without any destructive external interference” and reminded that Kyiv continues to support Moldova's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We consider the 5+2″ negotiation format to be dysfunctional because it includes the aggressor state of Russia, which cannot act as a peacemaker in any peaceful solution,” they asserted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reminded that Kiev continues to advocate for the rapid withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria, the disposal of ammunition in warehouses in the Kovpazna settlement, as well as the re-designation of the mission of the Dniester from the military. A civilian one.

Zelenskiy spoke with the president of Moldova about the events in Transnistria

Let us remind you that on February 28, the so-called “representatives” at all levels in unrecognized Transnistria gathered for a congress and decided. Appeal to Russia with the demand “Protection from pressure on Moldova”.He also addresses many international organizations.

In the Government of Moldova It is called propaganda “Representatives” of unrecognized Transnistria report on the conference appeal to Russia, where they accuse Moldova of pressure and “economic warfare”.

Before the congress, there were fears that the “deputies” might call on Moscow to join the territory not recognized by Russia, but at the level of official statements in Chisinau, Kiev And Traspoli denied such assumptions.

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