The most beautiful photo of the sale is a picture with a young teddy bear

The winner in all categories of the competition was selected from over 2,400 photographers by an expert jury led by English photographer Robert Garcia-Roy. 254 female and male photographers from the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic submitted their works to the competition. Another 1,500 photos were submitted to the competition by 157 students who were awarded this year’s Czech Photo Junior competition.

The first pictures of middle school students and classes of students will be permanently exhibited in the outdoor photo gallery on the boulevard at the entrance of the Budoviš metro station (in the direction of Lpa Polyclinic) from May 11 to November. Award-winning and selected photographs by professional photographers will be exhibited in the Pilehl Gallery of the Czech Photographic Center.

A unique moment from breeding wild elements

The photo of the rescued bears was unanimously selected by the entire jury. The film captures the moment a mother bear carries her cub. It is technically well performed, it requires a lot of emotion, it is action and it shows a moment from the behavior of the call to the wild production, said the head of the jury, Peter Slavk.

How did the award-winning writer describe its creation after the service? The photo was taken without fill in the middle of a very hot and dry summer at Welk Fat. I waited in the dark at the folding photo booth. By the time I started packing, a 150 kg bear was slowly making its way between the massive trees. The exposure showed a range of usable values, but I was willing to take documentary pictures if I was up close. But it was impossible to prepare what happened in front of the lens, recalls Miroslav Ondru.

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Show at the Czech Photo Center Gallery

  • On 5/17, Pavel Huben, author of Sprvi National Park Umava, will speak about the Umava forest.
  • 24. 5. Interviews wildlife photographer Vt Luk about how a failed flight or cheap trip to Madagascar turned into a very expensive descent.
  • 14. 6. Presentation by Miroslav Bobek, editor of Prague Zoo, world-famous project Return of the Wild Horses, which is currently stored in Bevelsko.
  • On 5/23, 6/6 and 9/3, starting at 5:00pm, there will be a guided tour led by event manager and photographer Michal Krause.
  • The building is open from May 11 to May 3, Tuesdays and Fridays 11am to 6pm, weekends 10am to 6pm (basic entry fee 100K, overnight 50K). The complete program can be found on the website

At that moment, the noise of the bear family began to be heard from the other side, not the bear. The teddy bear squealed and squealed to and fro as they fought each other, and the baby bear squealed in between. The bear suddenly stood on its back and began to look around, perhaps looking for where the threshing machine was moving, and suddenly ran towards the surprised man. They met in a fierce and fierce fight that lasted only a few hundred seconds. After about five minutes, he died and the bear wandered over to the cubs. At that moment, I began to learn what happened before my eyes, describing the creation of the photo of the Slovak photographer of the year, who was very close to the market from a very young age and spent a lot of his free time. All his life.

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Miroslav Ondru graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in Svolan and works as a forest manager. So it’s daylight in the forest, close to the photo apartment. The photo studio is his big den; Although he has attended several photography workshops, he considers himself self-taught. During his childhood, he used a Zenith photo-apartment and tried to document the productions of the time. He has always been fascinated by the life of wild animals, especially large animals, which he began to study when his work brought him to Libto. Every encounter with a bear, wolf or lynx is an experience he cannot repeat.

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