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On May 9, a handful of foreign leaders met Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

In addition to the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, at the May 9 parade in Moscow, They came to Russian dictator Putin Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Togayev, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Tajikistan’s Presidents Emomali Rahman, Kyrgyzstan’s Satir Zabarov and Uzbekistan’s Shavkat Mirziyoyev. However, the behavior of Tokayev and Pashinyan clearly demonstrated that they were not happy about their arrival in Moscow. And Putin’s duo could perform in Red Square.

About this “24 channel”. said Serhii Zhirnov is a former agent of the KGB and Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

So, when one is sure that the real Putin is speaking, such as the fake annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine or the address to the Federal Assembly, there is always a small and significant detail in his behavior, the expert noted.

“When the real Putin speaks, whether he likes it or not, he coughs every minute. Here we see Putin (in the parade – version), he spoke for 10 minutes and did not clear his throat once. This is an indicator that this is not the real Putin,” noted Serhiy Shirnov. .

It was not known until recently whether foreign leaders would show up to “encourage” the May 9 march, and the Kremlin could pressure them, the former KGB agent noted.

“If they came, it meant that they were all under great pressure. Nobody was going to come, except the Kyrgyz, and that, because his country was dependent on Russia, the others didn’t come. They had to go. And Tokaev was very demonstrative. Of the seven people sitting next to Putin, Tokaev and Pashinyan St. George. Not wearing ribbons,” Zhirnov insisted.

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“Eventually, if the presidents are pressured to come, they may be pressured so that they realize it’s not Putin, but the duo, and still sit next to them,” he summarized.

Let’s remind Xi Jinping ignored Putin on May 9 and did not congratulate him on “Victory Day”.

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