The Cabinet of Ministers introduced new, stricter restrictions: what is now being done in Ukraine is strictly prohibited

Now, bus and taxi drivers are banned from playing music or movies inside the cars. However, the government provides some exemptions.

At its meeting on May 9, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on the use of music and other sound signals in public transport and taxis. Corresponding changes were made in the rules for provision of passenger road transport services. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has published the related information.

That is, from May 9, 2023, bus drivers will also have the right not to allow passengers using technical devices to create noise from entering the cabin. Also, drivers are not allowed to play music or movies on buses.

The only exception is non-scheduled flights where headphones can be transported in the cabin or where music or movies can be played with the passenger’s consent.

Additionally, taxi drivers cannot now play music without the appropriate consent of passengers.

It is also worth noting that the changes were introduced primarily to limit the use of musical products of the Russian Federation. The corresponding law was adopted in the summer of 2022. It introduced a ban on the public performance, display and/or demonstration of musical works performed or composed by nationals of a terrorist country.

We will remind you that a person from Lviv made a comment the other day to a group of people who played loud Russian music in a car in the center of Lviv. What was the conflict between them? One of the passengers in the car, a 20-year-old man from Odessa, behaved very rudely. The driver is a 26-year-old from the Donetsk region. Men were fined for hooliganism, and they would also be tried for collaboration with the enemy. They were also issued summons.

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The new draft law to ban music will reduce the number of conflicts between people and eliminate Russian “creativity”, which is unacceptable in the circumstances where the Russian aggressors have caused so much grief to our fellow citizens for more than a year. .

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