The ministry wants to charge a fee for recycling discount leaflets. The pensioner was upset by the idea

There is not a single adult in the Czech Republic who does not have a discount flyer in hand. Two out of five of them browse them every week. But delivery companies have now warned that flyers may face tough times. The Ministry of Environment is preparing an amendment to the Waste Act, which will see their fees charged. This will have an impact not only on the manufacturers but also on the senior citizens, for whom printed pamphlets are the main channel of information about discounts.

According to a recent survey by the MNForce agency for Česká distribuční, 88 percent of consumers read printed discount flyers. Almost 41 percent of them use them to shop once a week. Illustrative photo

| Photo: Deník/Milan Krčmář

Ministry of Environment It plans to send an amendment to the Waste Act, which includes several fundamental changes, for inter-departmental action by the end of November. Besides Backup of PET bottles and cans Wants to charge for abandoned commercial printed materials and pamphlets.

“There are still some people in the waste management system, these are mainly flyers, we call a kind of black passengers. Flyers It accounts for 20 to 30 percent of the blue container, but waste generators pay nothing for it. We want to reform the system and charge black passengers so that the responsibility is shifted to the manufacturer,” explained the environment minister’s intention. Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL).

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The office imagines that leaflet manufacturers will pay 2,500 to 3,000 crowns per ton. Price according to Senior Director of Ministerial Division Environmental protection David Sure is based on the list price of food grade paper.

Money for municipalities

Thanks to the fee, municipalities have to improve themselves. “For me, the most important thing is this: we have a hundred tons of paper, of which the municipalities collect a hundred percent, but they only pay 75 percent of the costs associated with it. We are talking about a real increase of 25 percent in the reward that he gives. EKO-KOM (An authorized packaging company ensures that its customers fulfill the obligations arising from the packaging law – editor’s note),” added Surý.

Printed discount flyers according to a recent survey by MNForce Check delivery, the largest domestic distributor of printed pamphlets is read by 88 percent of consumers. Almost 41 percent of them use them to shop once a week.

Distributors believe that the introduction of recycling charges will negatively affect all groups of the population. “This leaflet is an essential shopping guide for young families with children, the elderly, single parents or students. Basically anyone who wants to shop and save today. Promotional offers help hundreds of thousands of families cope with a difficult economic situation. On the contrary, the new proposal of the Ministry of Environment will make it worse,” says Česká distribuční Marketing and Communications Manager Jaroslav Stank.

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Distribution of discount leaflets And, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s the second most common occupation for people with disabilities. The introduction of the recycling charge could threaten up to 1,400 places for disabled people, who already have difficult access to the labor market. “The only way for disabled people to earn extra money on top of their retirement income is to distribute leaflets,” noted Joseph Sulk, president of the Employers’ Association for the Disabled.

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Will the price go up?

The printer must pay, but the president Trade and Tourism Association Tomáš Prouza thinks this will especially affect small and medium-sized businesses, whose advertising costs will increase. This will put pressure on prices for consumers.

“Any charge introduced by the government serves only one purpose, i.e. to increase the cost of goods or services to consumers. Any increase in costs from a price increase is Energy “It will always be fully reflected in consumer prices only after the introduction of new state payments,” Brusa warned.

The head of the Council of Senior Citizens of the Czech Republic, Lenka Desatová, drew attention to the effects of this measure on older people. Although retail chains offer their discount events, for example, through mobile apps, seniors rely heavily on printed leaflets.

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Distribution of pamphlets.  Illustrative image

The rise in prices increased the popularity of flyers. Check they are looking for discounted events

“Approximately sixty percent of the elderly live in a household without computer technology and no internet. With age, the reluctance to change anything also increases. From the point of view of the elderly, this is unnecessary. Even for the remaining forty percent of the elderly, it should be added that browsing through an online pamphlet, for example, is not comfortable on a computer. “It’s almost science fiction that they flip through a pamphlet on a mobile phone,” says Desatova.

The introduction of recycling charges will also have another dimension – it will hit the printing industry hard. Zdeněk Sobota, president of the Association of Printing Entrepreneurs, thinks so at least, and he talks about another nail in the coffin of the printing industry. The division, which manufactures flyers, currently employs about 14,000 people and is already struggling with a ten percent year-on-year decline in production. Thousands of workers could lose their jobs as a result of the tariffs.

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“Charging for the disposal of printed leaflets would significantly increase production costs and negatively impact print contractors’ decision-making,” Sobota explained. According to Česká distribuční estimates, 70,000 tons of leaflets are distributed annually in the Czech Republic.

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