Ukrainian army in Pakmut has no weapons –

About 3-4 times a night, Pakmut is attacked by Russian aircraft.

As of 10:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, a Ukrainian military official with the call sign “Magyar” spoke about the situation in Bakmut. He emphasized that it is now difficult in every direction of the city. The Russians attack, and the Ukrainian defenders are out of arms.

It is a warrior reported In a video message on social networks.

The invaders soon attempt to encircle the city. Currently, there is no blockade, but the situation in the northern part is very difficult. From there, the invaders launch almost continuous attacks. They want to “bite” one of the roads, “Magyar” noted.

“The enemy is attacking the city with artillery, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, mortars. In the last few days, he has added aircraft,” he asserted.

3-4 planes hit Bagmut every night. For the offensive operations of the armed forces, the means at present are inadequate. At the same time, the military man emphasized that the defenders understand any actions and decisions of the command.

“There is a shortage of all mines without exception: from 60 to 120. There is a shortage of grenade launchers,” he said.

In addition, weather conditions worsen: at night – fog; Afternoon – The temperature is above zero, but it is raining.

“Practically nothing is visible every night. The humidity is terrible, everything is submerged, the temperature is positive for the third day. Swamp up to the knees, to put it mildly. Rain-stops, rain-stops ten times during the day,” said the defender.

All this affects the difficulty of performing certain tactical and combat tasks, he said. The city continues to stand, thanks to the character of the warriors who continue to protect Buckmutt.

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It is recalled that a soldier with the call sign “Gianin” said that the Russians had withdrawn all their combat-ready units to Pakmut. According to him, despite the most difficult situation, the armed forces have kept the Pakmuth.

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