The largest solar power plant in the Czech Republic will cover the entire area of ​​Ev in Ralsk

A maximum variant with an installed power not exceeding 104 megawatts (MW) shall have an installed power of 67 MW, and a variant allowing at least the protection of recreational aircraft after stopping the entire flight area.

We suggest that all projects that take place there will affect life in Ralsko. Oppen isn’t enthusiastic about the potential recovery of the military or full photovoltaics. We will hand over the land, we will try to negotiate with the region that we can divide their land into small parts and you can Ralsko or the surrounding towns, said Mayor Miloslav Dima (Yes).

Nutn zmna zemnho plnu

At the same time, he pointed out that the ground level will also be changed by setting up a solar power plant during the summer, and that the area is currently in the form of a road for sports and recreation purposes only.

The 300 ha area in Ralsko was annexed by the region from Stu in 2007. It was last used for flying by the Soviet Army, which abandoned it in 1991, and since then the 2.5-kilometer-long runway has been occupied only by sport planes.

According to the Liberec region, the area is ideal for energy use, especially now. The first reports of building residential areas with solar panels appeared 15 years ago, and similar projects grew due to the high purchase prices of electronics. But it came from death.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense expressed interest in flying it for a military exercise, so it would have to go around a military forest and farm. However, local residents wrote a petition against the return of the army, which was signed by 1,290 people.

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It is one of the most suitable cities

We don’t think it would be ideal to fly through the military forest, we are waiting to see how it will be used in the future,” said Governor Martin Pita (Mayor of Liberec Region). Also, the region is determined to deny the free transfer of land, and has invested millions of crowns in its solution.

A facility with an installed capacity of 56 MW was built in 2010 in five locations in the Ralska and Mimon area, in a former military area near a large solar power plant, and today it is operated by EZ Group.

According to the company, it is one of the most suitable locations for the production of solar-powered electronics in the Czech Republic. According to Dima, the project is in full swing in the region, so the region will have to connect the power plant in Haradani to the distribution system. The capacities are exhausted, he pointed out.

It is possible to use the existing electricity supply in the region, according to EZ, the power plant can be connected to the substation in Novinch Pod Ralskem, but it is necessary to complete the construction of about eight kilometers of high voltage lines. .

The Pta noted that the power plant can produce twice as much energy, not advertising, and our company consumes more. If the region and its systems cannot use energy on sunny days, the surplus water will be used to make vodka with the help of electrolysis. The study estimates the costs of building the power plant at between 2.1 and 2.9 billion kroner, with a return on investment in about nine years.

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