Reznikov reported Russian losses near Pakmut

The city is a fortress.

Russian troops have launched what they call a “major offensive” in the Donbass, during which 500 soldiers are killed every day.

about this Said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov in an interview with La Repubblica.

According to Reznikov, the Russian offensive continues.

“We call it the ‘creeping attack’ because they follow a crazy tactic: they send ‘Wagnerians’ or ex-prisoners against us to win back a few meters of ground. For example, in Bagmut. Twenty of them attack our positions and we kill, for a while. Then, twenty more come, and another twenty come in a continuous cycle. Our general on the eastern front said that the Russians lost 500 killed and 900 wounded in one day,” Reznikov said.

The minister also mentioned that Pakmut is a fortress.

“A point on the front line, by destroying it, we defend to reduce the enemy’s ability to attack,” Reznikov said.

Let’s add that military expert David Sharp said that Russia’s war against Ukraine could end “at least tomorrow” if there is a transition of power in Russia.

We should also note that the occupiers lack military equipment.

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