Residents of Lviv province hear explosions. What is the reason?

Professionals will carry out the pyrotechnic work.

Photo is conditional

For two weeks, residents of the Lviv region could hear the sounds of explosions and gunfire. The reason is pyrotechnic works in the area.

Source: Head of Lviv OVA Maksym Kozytskyi u telegram

“For two weeks, residents of the Lviv region will be able to hear the sounds of explosions and gunfire. Do not be afraid. These experts will carry out pyrotechnic work. If there is a real danger, I will definitely warn. – he explained.

Let us remind you that there were no missile attack threats in the region in the past day. Today, February 25, in the morning, sirens announced a wind warning. There was a risk of a missile attack from the MiG-31k from the territory of Belarus. The threat did not come true.


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