The IMF approved a tranche of $880 million for Ukraine

Ukraine has successfully met the four main requirements for the third review. Adopting a national revenue strategy, creating a road map for managing public investments, improving measures to raise revenue for the 2024 state budget, as well as adopting legislation to strengthen institutional autonomy and the effectiveness of SAP.

Ukraine's Finance Minister, Serhii Marchenko, stressed that cooperation with the International Monetary Fund is an important element in ensuring financial stability and stimulating economic recovery. The authorities of Ukraine pay maximum attention to the fulfillment of all conditions of the EFF program, as this opens up the possibility of attracting additional financial support. It is also important to emphasize that Ukraine should implement such measures.

The successful completion of the review paves the way for Ukraine to receive the fourth tranche of financing under the EFF program in the future amounting to approximately USD 880 million (SDR 663.9 million).

Throughout the validity period of the IMF EFF program, Ukraine has already received three tranches of financing, the total amount of which is about 4.5 billion USD. In 2024, the program envisages USD 5.4 billion in budget assistance to Ukraine.

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