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GLOSS. No burglary is too small to sneak into a home loot box. For more than ten years, Agrofert's internal magazine has been reporting on who was involved in some sort of wrongdoing in Andrzej Babis' holdings. From hundreds of thousands of thefts, for example, seeds or a few pieces of wood to underwear, recently “popularized” by the former (mrk mrk) owner of Agrofert.

“For example, when some female employees at Vodňanská drubeže put steak in their underwear or bra,” He recalled si Babiš press conference as an example, the internal security division of Agrofert is also relevant. It is said that his job is not to hunt down political enemies in the style of communist secret security…

The internal security division of Babiš's holdings (which we use here as a generally accepted designation, although the former owner has held shares in trust funds over which the former owner officially has no influence) has been headed by Jiří Veselý for many years.

She has also appeared in the spring edition of Agrofert magazine since 2013 He boasted New Section “Criminal Cases”. The title of the interview with Veselý was already perfect: “No one can be sure.” He spoke of “a small professional group that can use all legal means to expose activities against the company's interests (meaning Agrofert)”.

No theft is petty

Vesely also praised the support of Babiš, because “general director Eng. Andrej Babiš attaches great importance to the protection of the holding's property, thanks to which there is a lot of room for creativity”.

After all, Papiss always had an understanding of gathering information to protect property – and for dictatorship: “Because I worked in a foreign trade company, our economy protected the economic relations of Czechoslovakia. It was not a vile StB that oppressed people so that they could not travel and study. It was an ordinary StB” He said In 2011.

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Agrofert immediately began his new crime essay with three good examples of how holdings were stolen: soybean meal, meat and cheese, and a truck trailer.

Two issues later, in the same passage, we read: “Furthermore, it is false that stolen goods are not worth much. Start thinking about the fact that an unscrupulous employee carries 1 kg of meat or 10 liters of diesel every day. Look, there are hundreds of thousands of damages here!

An example – yes, already – now very lean chicken meat stuck to the body of female employees, this time in the Slovakian Hyza poultry plant: “So, they used hard to find hidden places under their clothes. , often attaching products to their legs in the calf area with adhesive tape.”

Similar reports of stolen meat or sausages are repeated in the press to this day.

You'd be surprised what gets stolen in the winter

Asset protection is a key responsibility of similar security departments in large organizations. However, in the case of Akrofert, the brazen public looting and the style in which the insider magazine has been doing it for ten years is astonishing. Over the years, he used an amused tone:

“Now he'll look elsewhere for cheaper gas and work, just like the colleague who helped him.”


“The stolen goods are returned to the business, and the steamed driver must find the pastries elsewhere.”

Cuts again, but this time to men's bodies:

“Three men were detained at the Vodňanská drubeže Mirovice plant, and each of them had more than 15 kg (!) of chicken breast fillets attached to their bodies. They broke the record for the amount of meat carried in their bodies, but they won't brag about it, because it was their work at our plant. Last trip.

Other randomly selected entries in the crime category:

“An employee of one of Agrobotnik Hodon's farms stole 90 XXL eggs every month for his friends – allegedly for free – at his workplace. It's hard to believe that this is not a bargain in this case.'

“A buyer of pastries from Benam, an Agrofert concern, expressed his displeasure with Agrofert in a very unusual way. He used a hacksaw to cut the boxes in place of the handle and 'inexplicably' recirculated them.”

“The fact that thefts in agriculture are seasonal does not surprise anyone. You may be surprised, but this is partly what happens at Vodňanská drubež company. In spring and summer, barbecue specialties are the focus of thieves, but as soon as it gets cold, glove thefts occur every year.

Thus, for ten years. But the fact is that in the last few issues of Agrofert last year, there has been a marked shift from a lighter tone to a more dry subject: who stole and for how much. point.

“It was discovered that two workers tried to take out a total of 45 different pastries. They paid for the resulting damage, and each of them had their wages reduced by 2,000 CZK.”

And vodanske chicken again …

“In Vodňany (spol. Vodňanská drubež, as), a security company employee tried to take almost 2 kg of cold chicken breasts in a plastic container for drinking.”

Clearly, a vigilant Homeland Security unit is truly unforgiving. In addition to hundreds of thousands of thefts or frauds in various areas where branches are located, not even bread or chicken schnitzel with wings already taken. And he gives criminals a warning to an imaginary robber.

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Agrofert should be ready

Of course, we can only reiterate that the reason companies set up such departments is to protect their assets. However, at the same time, it would be good to quote Jiri Vesely, the aforementioned head of the Internal Security Division. Let us remind you that these words of his from Agrofert magazine are eleven years old.

“People's behavior reflects the deteriorating economic and social situation in our country, people are getting poorer and attacks on private property will gradually increase. Akrofert must be ready, we must not relax,” explained the thefts inside the Vesely holding in the spring of 2013.

But as you can see, there are still thefts in Agrofert and there is always something to write in the crime article – and the owner of the whole company was the Minister of Finance or the Prime Minister. Something has gone wrong somewhere, but the detectives at the holding company will surely find the culprit.

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